• Graduation Requirements

    The hallmark of Saint James School’s academic program is our liberal arts approach, which is designed to provide a sound foundation in all disciplines and to prepare our students for further study at a four-year college. Both rigorous and supportive, the academic program stimulates and challenges students to develop their strengths and to cultivate and improve skills in other disciplines.

    Grading System

    A = 4.00 (93-100)C = 2.00 (73-76)
    A- = 3.67 (90-92)C- = 1.67 (70-72)
    B+ = 3.33 (87-89)D+ = 1.33 (67-69)
    B = 3.00 (83-86)D = 1.00 (63-66)
    B- = 2.67 (80-82)D- = 0.67 (60-62)
    C+ = 2.33 (77-79)F = 0.00 (0-59)

    Graduation Requirements

    21 credits are required; 18 of which must be academic.

    DisciplineRequired Credits
    Math3 Must include Algebra I, II & Geometry
    History3 Must include United States History
    Science3 Must include Biology
    Foreign Language3 Through 3rd level of one language
    Academic Electives2
    Athletics1 per year
    Service Learning15 hours per year enrolled at Saint James
    Fine ArtsAnnual requirement (participation or appreciation/attendance)
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