The SJIT is an annual basketball tournament that began in 1974 that continued for an impressive 29 seasons, before ending in 2002. By the 1980’s, the SJIT brought four national and four regional teams together to compete. After a long hiatus, the tournament began again in March of 2016.

Past SJIT Results

2017 SJIT

The 2017 SJIT was held February 2 - 4, 2017 at Saint James School in Hagerstown, MD. This marked the 31st tournament for Saint James.

Congratulations to the Gray Bees! The Saint Benedict's Prep from Newark, New Jersey, 2016 champions, claimed victory again for 2017.

Most Valuable Player (Final): Bourama Sidibe, St. Benedict’s
Most Outstanding Player (Tournament): R.J. Barrett, Montverde

Below are the final tournament standings and scores.

2017 SJIT Standings

1st: St. Benedict’s
2nd: Montverde
3rd: Sunrise Christian
4th: Saint James
5th: National Christian
6th: Benedictine Prep
7th: Pallotti
8th: Martinsburg

2017 SJIT Scores

Day 1 (Feb. 2)

Montverde Academy 103, Martinsburg 43

Sunrise Christian 58, St. Vincent Pallotti 48

Saint James 63, National Christian Academy 56

St. Benedict’s Prep 62, Benedictine Prep 39

Day 2 (Feb. 3)

Benedictine Prep 68, St. Vincent Pallotti 65

National Christian Academy 64, Martinsburg 54

St. Benedict's Prep 60, Sunrise Christian 41

Montverde Academy 74, Saint James 54

Day 3 (Feb. 4)

St. Vincent Pallotti 75, Martinsburg 67

National Christian Academy 86, Benedictine 76

Sunrise Christian 60, Saint James 44

St. Benedict's Prep 50 (2017 TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS), Montverde Academy 49

2016 SJIT

The 2016 SJIT was held March 10 - 12, 2016 at Saint James School in Hagerstown, MD.

Saint Benedict's from Newark, New Jersey joined the long list of champions that have come out of this historic tournament. David Beatty from Saint Benedict's was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player.

2016 SJIT Standings

1stSt. Benedict’s Prep (NJ)
2ndSunrise Christian Academy (KS)
3rdSaint James School
4thRiverdale Baptist School (MD)
5thBenedictine High School (VA)
6thCesar Chavez (DC)
7thOur Savior New American School (NY)
8thBroadfording Christian Academy (MD)

Thursday, March 10th

Game 1: Our Savior New American vs. Riverdale Baptist 2 PM: (Riverdale 83-48)
Game 2: Sunrise Christian Academy vs. Benedictine 4 PM: (Sunrise 48-31)
Game 3: Saint Benedict's vs. Cesar Chavez 6 PM: (St. Benedict's: 83-42)
Game 4: Broadfording Christian vs. Saint James School 8 PM: (SJS 89-42)

Friday, March 11th

Game 5: Our Savior New American vs. Cesar Chavez 2 PM (Chavez 63-62)
Game 6: Benedictine vs. Broadfording Christian 4 PM: (Benedictine 73-33)
Game 7: Sunrise Christian Academy vs. Saint James School (Semi 1) 6 PM:(Sunrise 58-45)
Game 8: Saint Benedict's vs. Riverdale (Semi 2) 8 PM: (Saint Benedict's 68-55)

Saturday, March 12th

Game 9: Broadfording vs. Our Savior 12 PM (Our Savior 67-52)
Game 10: Benedictine vs. Cesar Chavez 2 PM (Benedictine 87-66)
Game 11: Saint James School vs. Riverdale 4 PM (Saint James School 88-77)
Game 12: Saint Benedict's vs. Sunrise (Championship) 6 PM (Saint Benedict's 61-57, TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS)

Tournament Title Games

1974 - St. Maria Goretti 63, Saint James 54
1975 - St. Maris Goretti 64, Saint James 55
1976 - Saint James 49, St. Maria Goretti 38
1977 - Saint James 30, Archbishop Spalding 27
1978 - Saint James 65, Flint Hill VA. 63
1979 - Flint Hill VA. 74, St. Maria Goretti 72
1980 - St. Maria Goretti 65, Flint Hill VA. 56
1981 - Flint Hill VA. 70, Saint James 47
1982 - Flint Hill VA, 56, St. Maria Goretti 52
1983 - Flint Hill VA, 68, St. Maria Goretti 50
1984 - Flint Hill VA, 63, St. Anthony's NY 50
1985 - Flint Hill VA, 77, Good Counsel 50
1986 - Flint Hill VA 59, Maret School 56
1987 - Flint Hill VA 83, Archbishop Carroll 63
1988 - Bishop McNamara 71, St. John's Propspect Hall 68
1989 - Archbishop Caroll 74, Flint Hill VA 69
1990 - Flint Hill VA 81, Martinsburg 74
1991 - Martinsburg 82, Bishop McNamara 60
1992 - Gonzaga DC 59, Archbishop Caroll 56
1993 - Oak Hill VA 91, St. John's Prospect Hall 74
1994 - Oak Hill VA 68, St. John's Prospect Hall 67
1995 - St. John's Prospect Hall 73, Oak Hill VA 57
1996 - St. John's Prospect Hall 37, Oak Hill VA 36
1997 - St. John's Prospect Hall 52, Mt. Zion NC 49
1998 - St. John's Prospect Hall 45, Martinsburg 44
1999 - Oak Hill VA 91, Notre Dame Aca. VA 66
2000 - Oak Hill VA 49, Montrose Christian 39
2001 - Oak Hill VA 95, Newport School 77
2002 - Thomas Johnson 75, Notre Dame Aca. 59
2016 - St. Benedict's NJ 61, Sunrise Christian KS 57
2017- St. Benedict's NJ 50, Montverde FL 49

Past Records and Prominent SJIT Players

Coaches & Players for College and NBA Teams

These basketball stars and coaches played in the SJIT during their high school careers:

  • Tracy McGrady - Played for Mt. Zion Academy (NC). Began his career with the Toronto Raptors before signing over to Orlando Magic. McGrady retired with the San Antonio Spurs in 2013.
  • Dennis Scott - Played for Flint Hill Prep (VA) and spent the majority of his career with Orlando Magic. Retired in 2000.
  • Jerry Stackhouse - Played for Kinston High School (NC) and Oak Hill Academy (VA). Began his NBA career with the Philadelphia 76ers and is currently coaches the Raptors 905.
  • Jason Capel- Began his career with the NC TarHeels and retired in 2007 with the KK Crvena zvezda of the Naša Sinalko Liga, Serbia. After his playing career Capel coached for the Appalachian State Mountaineers.
  • Don Anderson '78 - (Deceased) Alumnus of Saint James School. During his time at Saint James, the Saints held the SJIT Championship title from 1976 to 1978. Former head coach for Gettysburg College, Senior Assistant coach for Mount St. Mary's College and assistant coach for Binghamton University Florida A&M.
  • Randolph Childress - Retired NBA, Wake Forest Assistant Coach
  • DeSagana Diop - Drafted out of Oak Hill Academy (VA) by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Currently coaching the Utah Jazz
  • Damien Wilkins - Currently playing for the Indiana Pacers.
  • Grant Golden ’16 - Saint James alumnus. Currently playing for Richmond University.
  • Rechon Black - Montverde Academy alumnus. Currently playing for the University of North Carolina.
  • Bourama Sidibe - St. Benedict’s Prep alumnus. Currently playing for Syracuse University
  • Isiah Jasey - Sunrise Christian Academy alumnus. Currently playing for Texas A&M

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All-Tournament Team Players

1974 1982 1990 1998
Rich Williams Eric Banks Sam Short Chris Acker
John Downs Kevin Sutton Charles Harrison Avery Queen
Terry Hoge Mark Scallion Lawrence Moten Sherrod Teasley
Bob Frush Gerry Brode Cory Alexander Jason Capel
Bill Manion Gerald Jackson Randolph Childress Derrick Tarver
Phil Daniels Terry Coffey Marsalis Basey Kyle Logan
Tom Stang Kevin Williams Smokie Grantham Stephane Pelle
Josh Dare Rob Lee Mark Ward Fred Primus
1975 1983 1991 1999
Luther Barnhart Mark Scallion Nate Jesse Kareem Wright
Mark Simendinger MVP-Kevin Sutton, Flint Hill Ike Wilkins Jamaal Gilchrist
Bruce Long-Fox Simon Coombs, Saint James DeWayne Johnson Marcus West
Don Anderson, Saint James Gerald Jackson Keith Veney Chris Williams
Josh Dare Scott Mosby Chad Truesdale Travis Watson
Tom Stang Terry Coffey Aaron Pyller Ronald Slay
Bill Manion John Sickels Jason Johnson Terry Reynolds
Phil Daniels Derrick Sims Freddie Ferguson Cliff Hawkins
1976 1984 1992 2000
Greg Adelsberger MVP-Brent Enzor, Flint Hill Ike Wilkins Davis Aliu
Hunter Steadly Derrick Sims, Flint Hill Keith Veney Adam Dickman
Darryl Robinson Dennis Scott, Flint Hill Cornell Parker Mohamed Diakite
Steve Walzl Terry Coffey, Maret Herbert Jones James White
Phil Daniels Gus Hill, Flint Hill Lester Butler Cliff Hawkins
Don Anderson, Saint James Todd Kersey, Hampton Roads Mike Pitts Marvin Lewis
Tim Campbell Phillip Gamble, St Andrews Lawrence Garrison Dave Holmes
Todd Williams Charles Smith, St Andrews Brendan Tuohey Abdou Diame
1977 1985 1993 2001
MVP-Scott Barr, Saint James Tom Chaney Alex Sanders MVP-Rashaad Carruth, Oak Hill
Donny Anderson, Saint James Sean Gallagher Jeff McInnis MOP-Levin Watkins, Montrose Christian
Paul Katinas, Saint James Clay Dade Jerry Stackhouse Tony Bethel, Montrose Christian
Mike Kelly Chris Windlan Kevin Ward Gil Goodrich, Newport School
Kip Motta Albert Clark Curtis Staples Steve Leven, Newport School
Joe Summers Bobby Dodson Tarlie Turner Mario Boggan, Oak Hill
Jeff Simmons Dennis Scott Marquise Newbie Billy Edelin, Oak Hill
John Snyder Gus Hill Mike Chase Johnathan Hargett, National Christian
Anderson HM POY
1978 1986 1994 2002
Don Anderson, Saint James Tom Quinn Richie Sutherland MVP-Jermaine Thomas, Thomas Johnson
Jamie Sterling Aaron Jordan Kelli Taylor MOP-Daevon Haskins, Notre Dame
Paul Katinas Robert Summers Nate James Linas Kleiza, Montrose Christian
Scott Barr Raymond Johnson Andrius Jurkunas Sheray Thomas, Riverdale Baptist
George Spears Matt Lapin Kirk Grantham Jared Knotts, Saint James
Richie Cooper James Barnes Curtis Staples Charlie Bell, National Christian
Steve Walzl Brian Domalik Alex Sanders Thomas Richard, Thomas Johnson
Darryl Robinson Dennis Scott Jay Steadham Nate Naylor, Thomas Johnson
1979 1987 1995 2016
MVP-Richie Cooper, Flint Hill James Barnes Nate James James Scott, St. Benedicts
Eric Schultz Anthony Lucas Ron Mercer Bryan Trimble, Sunrise Christian
Bobby Haskins, Flint Hill Barry Page Phil Lane Bryce Golden, Saint James
Ben Civiletti, Saint James Aaron Jordan Terrence Christie Deion Hammonds, Riverdal Baptist
Mike Hart, St Maria Goretti William Liggins Shike Lee Kameron McGusty, Sunrise Christian
Jeff Deffinbaugh, St Maria Goretti Reggie Chambers Rob Williams Grant Golden, Saint James
Ray Deffinbaugh Aaron Bain Taija Young MOP - David Beatty, St. Benedicts
Adrian Armwood Dennis Scott Willie Bullock MVP - Arnoldo Toro, St. Benedicts
1980 1988 1996 2017
John Robinson Barry Page Stephen Jackson Bourama Sidibe, St. Benedicts MVP
Gerry Brode Jason Sticher Ed Sheffey RJ Barrett, Montverde MOP
Matt Bubak Sylvester Simpkins Shike Lee Precious Achiuwa, St. Benedicts
Carlos Yates Lawrence Moten Nate James Grant Shepard, Montverde
Mark Andeerson Aaron Bain Terrence Morris Matthue Cotton, St. Benedicts
Glenn Fitzgerald Mike Smith Rich Pfeil Michael Johnson, Sunrise
Sandy Sommers Quinn Harris Phil Lane Isiah Jasey, Sunrise
Darren Poindexter Nate Joy Todd Logan Marcus Carr, Montverde
1981 1989 1997
Carlos Yates Sam Short Tracy McGrady
Eric Banks Jason Stitcher Jason Capel
Glenn Fitzgerald Eric Johnson Damien Wilkins
Rob Lee Spencer Ferguson Travis Spivey
Keith Lomax Lawrence Moten Jason Harris
David Morningstar Charles Harrison Dee Tolliver
Marty Mullaney George Lynch Terence Morris
Herb Epling Aaron Bain Kyle Logan

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