Dave Rath '85 and Kasey Kesseling '86 Reflect on the SJIT Then and Now
Dave Rath '85 and Kasey Kesseling '86 Reflect on the SJIT Then and Now

Dr. Kasey Kesselring and I are thrilled to be asked to share our memories of the SJIT from its inception to the present. We both bring an interesting perspective to the piece, I think, because we both grew up not far from the campus. Kasey lived with his family not far from the old Bloom's store practically adjacent to campus. I lived a couple of corn fields away from campus off of the Downsville Pike. Kasey and I are about the same age, and we both attended Saint James at the same time. We sang in the barbershop quartet together, played on the varsity football team together, and we both later returned to our alma mater to work (though we served the School at different times). Now, many moons later, we work together at Montverde Academy. Kasey is the Headmaster, and I work in athletics and fundraising.

My earliest memories of the SJIT probably date back to the 1977 Saint James team. My older brother Lee attended SJS. At the time, I was ten years old and enjoyed running all over campus whenever possible. The Saint James teams of 1976, 1977, and 1978 were phenomenal, and I particularly remember the 1978 team comprised of John Puente '78, Brad Bailey '79, Mike Brennan '79, Sandy Sommer '80, Paul Katinas '78, the late great Donny Anderson '78, Scott Barr '78 (who actually babysat me on occasion), Jim Kirby '78, Tony Brennan '78 and Ben Civiletti '79 (see team photo). A couple of these guys played on the team from 1976-1978, and they served as a solid nucleus for a great team.

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