Saint James to Acquire Bai Yuka Farm Property

Bai Yuka farmSaint James School has agreed to purchase the Bai Yuka farm property located on College Road and owned by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Strauch.  The Strauch’s arranged generous terms for the school to secure the property, allowing Saint James to pay over a period of five years without interest.

The school will gain 101 acres and will own the field (located across from Turner Field and which the Strauch’s currently allow Saint James to use for parking during games), a stable with an apartment suitable for faculty housing, and a beautiful Greek revival mansion with a wrap-around porch. The house has three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a modern kitchen.  It has potential as a guest house, conference center, and venue for receptions. The tree-lined driveway leading up to the Bai Yuka property is directly across from the West Gate entrance. By acquiring this property, it means the school will own all of the land from the Lappans Road entrance of College Road down to the railroad tracks and beyond.

The Strauch’s will continue to live in the house for the next four years. Saint James will pay for the property using the plant reserve fund, which has been built up with budget surpluses over the years. These cash reserves are meant for unbudgeted and unexpected capital expenses and opportunities, and this was an excellent opportunity for the school to secure the property directly across from school grounds. We thank the Strauch’s for their generosity.

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