The Triumphant Return of Saint George and the Dragon

For 23 years, the second form production of Saint George and the Dragon was a fun tradition that those in the Saint James community looked forward to each December. Directed by Marty Collin, the play’s mix of silly but memorable characters, special guest stars, and a slightly rewritten script with plot twists made the show an annual hit. When Mr. Collin retired in 2017, so did Saint George and the Dragon, with the Class of 2021 being the last class to take the stage as second formers. Since then, the second form class has starred in A Christmas Carol, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Gifts of the Magi, with no production last year.  

After hearing alumni recall fond memories from their days as Saint George cast members, the decision was made to bring the show back to Kellam Auditorium this year.

“It felt like the right time. We’re coming out of COVID and trying to bring our community back together. We were able to have live audiences again, and so it felt like this was the year to do it,” said Melanie Regan ’00, Associate Chair of Fine Arts who co-directed the play with Nicole Ruark.

The timing was also intentional because if they had waited another year, there would have been an entire graduating class (2022) who wouldn’t have had the Saint George experience. Even though the sixth formers were not the primary performers, several of them starred as special guests and they were all able to enjoy the spectacle that is Saint George.

Mrs. Regan had the second form students call several SJS alumni so they could hear about their Saint George experiences.  She also took on the task of rewriting the script the same way Mr. Collin used to do, incorporating a Harry Potter theme in this year’s production.  The second formers kept the theme under wraps, while Mrs. Regan kept the guest stars a secret from the second form. They didn’t find out until rehearsals who would be starring as the familiar characters from Hogwarts. 

“It was a great way to go into the Christmas season with all of this mystery and excitement and magic and fun,” said Mrs. Regan. “Saint George is about having your second formers dive right in headfirst to the Saint James community. It’s like ‘here, you’re a part of us now.’ It’s not about being perfect or knowing your lines, it’s about putting yourself out there. And the community support is just huge.”

You can watch a recording of this year’s production at 

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