Varsity Boys' Basketball

Coach Kevin Breslin

It is nearly impossible to speak about this year’s Varsity Boys’ Basketball season without discussing the same event that has dominated world headlines for two years. In the winter of the 2020-21 school year, Saint James, like most independent schools, canceled interscholastic competitions.  During that year, athletics continued to be a foundational part of campus life as we hosted practices and several school-wide basketball competitions to foster the values of teamwork, selflessness, and dedication toward a common goal.  

The 2021-22 season we have just completed will be remembered for the participation of those students who stepped up to participate in the basketball program of 2020-21. Many students developed their skills within our campus gates with an eye towards a return to the court for varsity competition in 2021-22.  

Due to injuries and complications resulting from the pandemic, 23 students suited up in uniform for this year’s varsity competitions.  At other schools a basketball roster is composed of 12 or fewer students. Our commitment to multi-sport participation and a school culture that values stepping outside of one’s own comfort zone fueled any successes we had this season.  

Fifth former Kenneth Ho earned our Most Improved Player award through his invaluable contributions to our team on the practice court.  This season marked the first time that fifth former Jack Ashby-Jacobs had played organized basketball, but he overcame his inexperience to make valuable contributions to the team in several games. Jack shared the honor of the Saints’ Athletic Award with sixth former Caly Ferguson for their shared enthusiastic commitment to the team.  

Our on-court performance was led by the duo of fourth former Jeremiah Gorham and third former Jacob Ross.  These two were the only students who were able to participate in every game this year and consistently excelled as underclassmen on a varsity team.  For his efforts, Jacob was named the Most Outstanding Player for our season.  The contributions of young players to our team has everyone excited for the future of our basketball program, especially the return of All-MAC selections, fifth formers Solomon Ball and Jayden Ross.

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