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Backpacks on the Senior Circle
SJS students in class
Student enjoys a book in the library
Student experimenting in science class

Academics at Saint James

Saint James students dig deep, embracing intellectual challenge and stretching themselves in broad exploration of core academic disciplines.

Small classes (typically 10-12 students) ensure engagement and mastery of material. A variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 16 total, allow interested students to pursue subjects in greater depth. Electives are offered to upper-form students for enrichment and the exploration of new interests.

Saint James supports our students in ways that only a community of this size and character can. Expert teaching, advising, and mentoring help them cultivate the confidence, skills, and habits of mind that lead to success in college—and beyond.

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Liberal Arts

Here, you'll major in discovery and specialize in trying new things. Rather than narrow your focus now, you'll explore a broad liberal arts curriculum, building a balanced mind and a nuanced understanding of the world. 

Student writes in class

In individual and cooperative settings, students learn creative problem solving, strengthen analytical reasoning skills, and explore the benefits of technology.

Test tubes in a science lab

A lab-based approach to biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, anatomy, physiology, and robotics builds skills of scientific reasoning, quantitative problem solving, and data analysis.

A student takes notes in class

Promotes critical thinking and powerful expression through expository writing and close analysis of the great works of American, British, and world literature.

A pile of binders and books
History, religious studies & Social sciences

Through research, analysis, writing, and discussion of significant figures and events, students deepen their understanding of and facility with powerful ideas.

The wind ensemble rehearses in the Teach Recital Hall

Through study and practice of music, theater, and visual arts, students immerse themselves in creative thought while discovering or honing personal expression.

Entrance to the Powell/Fulton Academic Building
Classical & Modern languages

After having the opportunity of building facility with Latin, students tackle either Spanish or French—building language skills while exploring the literature, history, and values of other cultures.

Mr. Camp teaches a history class
SJS Faculty

Student Success Driven By

Dedicated faculty

By any measure, the ability of these women and men to drive student success through a balance of challenge and support is extraordinary.

Inspiring educators and mentors in every facet of the student experience, Saint James faculty members are scholars, dorm parents, coaches, friends, and role models. In these many roles, they build relationships that go beyond the traditional student-teacher dynamic--and these relationships last a lifetime.

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College Readiness

Well rounded and
Well pepared

The Saint James approach leads students to develop the exact set of skills, experiences, and intangibles colleges are looking for:

  • Four years of rigorous coursework in five subject areas, including a foreign language.
  • Critical and creative thinking.
  • Intellectual curiosity.
  • A varied slate of extracurriculars.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Strong citizenship, generosity of spirit, and personal integrity.
  • Demonstrated ability to work hard, manage time well, juggle multiple responsibilities, and thrive.

There is no better preparation for college.

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Pins on a map show college matriculation

The College Process

Starting in 3rd Form (9th grade), each Saint James student receives personalized, step-by-step guidance and encouragement through the college preparation, search, and application process.

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The Best Preparation

Academic Benefits of
Boarding School

Boarding means more time with your teachers and deeper relationships. The 24/7 immersion in our community creates additional opportunities to develop independence, resilience, and self-motivation, providing the best preparation for the demands of college.

Percent of graduates who report being very well prepared academically for college:

Graduates who report being very well prepared academically for college

Source: Study by the Aart and Science Group, commissioned by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

Two female students walk in front of Claggett Hall
piano man

explanation of "Forms"

In a nod to our English roots, we use the term "form" instead of "grade" to describe a student's place in the Saint James journey. The adoption of the term, which precedes the development of the Maryland public school system was adapted from the Anglican school model.

8th Grade = 2nd Form
9th Grade = 3rd Form
10th Grade = 4th Form
11th Grade = 5th Form
12th Grade = 6th Form