College Counseling

Collaborative. Intentional. Reflective.

The College Counseling Office at Saint James School facilitates a college search and application process that celebrates the talents of our student body, but is also tailored to the needs of every individual. Our comprehensive programming, bespoke guidance and dynamic research tools empower students to engage directly with the college search process, and in doing so engenders a sense of ownership towards their future.

As a small academic and residential community, we take a highly collaborative approach to college counseling. We draw on insights from teachers, coaches, residential advisors, extracurricular sponsors, and the chaplaincy to help our students find their own narrative. Our approach builds a network of support available throughout the application, decision notification and matriculation process.

Our college counseling program is intentional in its aim to find the right ‘fit’ for every student. We encourage strategic college searches that match aspirations with individual needs, whether they be academic, extracurricular, financial, social, etc. Thus, we advocate for a balanced and well-rounded college list that realizes the full potential of every student.

Our approach is inherently reflective as students are asked to think about what they value in their educational experience. In this way, we examine dimensions of fit such as academic offerings, athletics, finances, geography, size and student life in order to develop a college search that aligns with each student in an authentic manner. Hence, our students apply to college with a level of confidence that is genuine, purposeful and forward thinking.

In its totality, our college counseling philosophy is holistic and seeks to echo the larger school mission to “challenge and inspire our students to be leaders for good in the world.”

Robert Harry
Director of College Counseling & Upper School Studies
(301) 733-9330 ext. 3015

Molly Lachut
College Counselor

Molly Lachut hails from New Hampshire and arrived at Saint James in 2014. She is a proud graduate of Kenyon College, earning a BA Biology and History while also playing softball and field hockey for the Lords and Ladies. She earned her MEd in Educational Leadership from The George Washington University in DC. As a college counselor, Molly focuses her efforts of third and fourth form programming, but also teaches history, coaches field hockey, and is a former dorm head. She is also a member of NACAC and PCACAC.

A native of Virginia, Robert Harry joined Saint James as Director of College Counseling in 2017, and appointed Director of Upper School Studies in 2021. Prior to his arrival, he was Associate Director of College Counseling at Battle Ground Academy in Tennessee and directed college advising programs at Oundle School in the United Kingdom. Robert earned his BA in English from the University of Virginia, and MEd in Educational Leadership from the University of Cambridge in England. A member of ACCIS, NACAC, and PCACAC, Robert also sits on the National College Counseling Advisory Board for The Princeton Review.


The Office of College Counseling is pleased to offer the following virtual events for our families this fall.

Sixth Form College Essay Webinar - September 7, 2021
Charting Your Own Course: An Overview of College Admissions on September 13, 2021
Financial Aid: All You Need to Know on September 27, 2021
Teaching to Learn, Learning to Think: An Introduction to Liberal Arts Colleges on October 20, 2021

Upcoming College Counseling Events

The Office of College Counseling endeavors to provide current parents and students programming that will give further insight into the college admission and application process.

There are no events to display

The following is a list of programs we have been pleased to offer our families.

  • Deans and Directors Roundtable Discussion with Andrew Moe, Swarthmore College; Chrystal Russell, Case Western Reserve University; and Jeremiah Quinlan, Yale University
  • Sixth Form College Essay Workshop - Levi May, American University
  • All About Financial Aid: What Families Need to Know - Presented by Chad Spencer, Davidson College
  • Serious About STEM: College Admissions in the STEM Fields - Presented by Kathleen Voss, Georgia Tech; Brianna Braswell, Lafayette College; Capt. Russell Verby, US Naval Academy; and Sterling Yates, University of St. Andrews (Scotland)
  • Considering College Athletic Recruitment: Information for Prospective Athletes and Families - Presented by Kathy Phillips, Duke University
  • 2020 and Beyond: Preparing for College Admissions in the Future - Presented by Heidi Frye - Gettysburg College, Dylan Keene - Emory University, and Kristen Pantaze - University of Pennsylvania
  • The State of College Admissions: An Interactive Q&A Session - Presented by Julie Kerich - Franklin & Marshal College and Taylor Duval - University of Maryland


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