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Students are encouraged to become reflective learners throughout their time at Saint James School. Whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in Chapel, on stage, or in the boarding house, our students are developing a healthy perspective of themselves while at the same time maturing into their roles within the community. Therefore, it is no surprise that College Counseling complements the Saint James School experience in helping students to build self-confidence as well as an awareness of the shared values and perspectives of our global environment.

Second and Third Form

  • College Counseling Office works in tandem with form advisors to design smaller activities that promote student growth with the aim of developing a greater knowledge of one’s self in as broad a way as possible.

Fourth Form

  • Advisory sessions and form meetings which focus on ‘big picture’ ideas such as personality traits, learnings styles and goal setting with a view to discuss how these concepts relate to the college search process.
  • College Forum (May) seeks to build on the larger themes touched upon throughout the year and expose students to important areas in the college search process such as academic rigor, athletic recruitment, extracurricular leadership and navigation of the Fifth and Sixth Form years.
  • Test prep includes PSAT administration as well as curriculum and content overview in the classroom

Fifth Form

  • Two individual meetings with the Director of College Counseling (Winter and Spring) to discuss aspects of college fit, course selection, extracurricular involvement, testing, financial aid and possible summer opportunities.
  • Winter College Forum (January) geared towards the specific ‘nuts and bolts’ of the college search, application, financial aid and scholarship process. Students and families meet with various college admission professionals and begin to take strategic steps towards building a plan for their Sixth Form year.
  • Students encouraged to meet with college admissions representatives at Saint James and to visit college campuses during the holidays.
  • Student expected to research prospective colleges, build a tentative college list and take necessary steps to ensure success in the Sixth Form.
  • PSAT administration for National Merit Scholarship Competition (NMSQT)

Sixth Form

  • Fall touchpoint meetings with College Counseling Office to curate and finalize college lists as well as discuss admission plans (EA/ED/RD), athletic recruitment, financial aid and scholarship applications.
  • Interdisciplinary support for college essay writing and specific admissions requirements including fine and performing arts, service academies, etc.
  • Individualized interview and application preparation for local, regional and national scholarship competitions
  • Continued guidance and advising throughout the year in 1:1, group or form sessions.

Saint James School leverages its intentionally small academic and residential environment in a highly collaborative manner to ensure that students receive direction to navigate the college search, application and matriculation process from the day they join our community to their final days on campus.

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explanation of "Forms"

In a nod to our English roots, we use the term "form" instead of "grade" to describe a student's place in the Saint James journey. 

8th Grade = 2nd Form
9th Grade = 3rd Form
10th Grade = 4th Form
11th Grade = 5th Form
12th Grade = 6th Form