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Saint James students dig deep, exploring a broad liberal arts curriculum, building a balanced mind and a nuanced understanding of the world. At Saint James, you'll gather the knowledge, skills, and courage you need to tackle the biggest questions, embrace emerging challenges, and contribute as a leader for good.

Small classes (typically 10-12 students) ensure engagement and mastery of material. A variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 17 total, allow interested students to pursue subjects in greater depth. Electives are offered to upper-form students for enrichment and the exploration of new interests.

Saint James supports our students in ways that only a community of this size and character can. Expert teaching, advising, and mentoring help them cultivate the confidence, skills, and habits of mind that lead to success in college—and beyond.

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College Counseling

Each student receives personalized, step-by-step guidance through the college search process.

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A Day in the Life

What does a day at SJS look like? Find out here!

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Saint James is home to an MIT-certified FAB Lab, one of only two in the state of Maryland!

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Academic Benefits of Boarding School

Boarding means more time with your teachers and deeper relationships. The 24/7 immersion in our community creates additional opportunities to develop independence, resilience, and self-motivation, providing the best preparation for the demands of college.

Percent of graduates who report being very well prepared academically for college:

78% of boarding school students report being academically prepared for college

* Source: Study by the Art and Science Group, commissioned by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

A Saint James teacher and student look at a book.


SJS Faculty: Super Humans

Saint James faculty superheroes
Science had never been my favorite, but my teacher has so much energy that I ended up choosing--and loving--AP Chemistry.

"Teachers" doesn't do them justice.

Inspiring educators and mentors in every facet of the student experience, Saint James faculty members are scholars, dorm parents, coaches, friends, and role models. In these many roles, they build relationships that go beyond the traditional student-teacher dynamic. Knowing their students so well makes them more effective teachers.

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Academics at Saint James School