• Saint James School Tuition

    2019-20 Tuition

    Boarding: $49,500

    Day: $32,500

    Additional Fees

    Textbooks $500

    Student Discretionary Spending $1,000

    Academic Support (as needed) $4,500

    International Student Support* $9,000

    *Most first-year international students for whom English is not their primary language are required to enroll in International Student Support.

    Payment Schedule

    An Enrollment Deposit of 10 percent of your tuition cost is required with the signed enrollment agreement. The enrollment agreement is not executed until the enrollment deposit is received. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance and will be credited towards your total tuition cost.

    Tuition at Saint James School may be paid in one of three ways:

    For families accepted during the rolling admission cycle, the monthly installments can still be utilized, but the first monthly payment must account for all monthly payments not made.

    The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is used to insure that the School receives all expected tuition dollars and to protect families from paying their full net tuition costs in cases of unforeseen withdraw from Saint James. Families using the TRP in effect pay a prorated net tuition cost if their student is required to withdraw. TRP is mandatory for Option B and Option C. TRP is optional for Option A. TRP is sold at 4% of your tuition cost.

    Did You Know?

    Many families seeking a boarding school education qualify for financial aid. Approximately 59% of Saint James students receive aid and Saint James distributed more than $3 million in financial aid last year.

    Learn more about financial aid at Saint James School.

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