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Saint JamesDance Program

Dance is offered during the fall, winter and spring seasons in our dance studios. While emphasizing technique of dance, classes accommodate the needs and interests of students of all levels. Our classes are open to beginners seeking a new experience, athletes working on agility and coordination, and more advanced students interested in building their performance and technical skills through a variety of dance styles. 

Students of dance at Saint James receive an introduction to multiple genres of dance through daily classes emphasizing technique, performance style, and associated vocabulary. Styles include classical, contemporary, jazz, modern, and musical theater. Rehearsals emphasize collaboration, coordination, artistry, and building choreography, and are designed to encourage personal expression and stylistic exploration with cooperation to build a performance experience for the students and school community. 

Dance class meets 5 days/week for 75 minutes in the afternoons. Teachers are Nicole Ruark and Kelsy Rupp.

A dance student poses in ballet shoes
Fall: Foundations of Codified Dance movement

Focus on jazz, ballet, contemporary. Culminates in end of session juries to provide feedback for student growth.  

Dance performed during the musical, Matilda
Winter: Exploring Contemporary Dance in America

Focus on tap, theater dance, contemporary. Culminates in end of session juries to provide feedback for student growth. 

Dance showcase at SJS
Spring: Studio to Stage: Audition & Performance Preparation

Continuing technique in ballet and jazz with focus on exploration of choreography and exploration. Culminates in a spring showcase of dance.