Dance is offered during the winter season in our dance studios. While emphasizing the physical aspect of dance, classes accommodate the needs and interests of students of all levels. Our classes are open to beginners seeking a new experience, athletes working on agility and coordination, and more advanced students interested in honing their skills.

Students are placed in the appropriate level based on potential and previous training. With each level, students progress in their physical, spatial, and kinetic awareness. Throughout the program, our faculty stress simple, clean execution while balancing necessary repetition with each student’s goals and progress. Videotapes and rehearsal footage help to visually reinforce the need for solid technique, which is followed by thoughtful in-class discussion and analysis.

Students of dance at Saint James receive an introduction to basic styles of dance and associated vocabulary. Styles include classical, contemporary, and musical theatre jazz dance, with the opportunity for additional study through our Visiting Artist series. Rehearsals emphasize proper alignment, placement and coordination, and are designed to encourage personal expression and stylistic exploration, phrasing, dynamic play, movement organization and functional alignment. Particular focus is given to isolations, jumps, contraction and release; spiral, fall and recovery; and dynamic weight shift, movement across the floor, challenging combinations and a sense of musicality.