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SJS Chapel Choir
String ensemble plays in the Windsor Commons

Whether your goal is to learn to play an instrument, to sing for the first time, or to advance to new heights of achievement, Saint James offers a wide range of music classes and opportunities. Our students are engaged in a variety of musical activities, from singing in the Chapel Choir and a cappella groups to instrumental chamber ensembles and student-organized bands. Applied Music lessons are taught by twelve adjunct music faculty during the academic day so that students do not have to choose between musical interests and athletics, clubs, or theater. Not surprisingly, many students are engaged in more than one area of study in the performing arts.

Our music programs are housed in the Pohanka Fine Arts Center. The state-of-the-art building has three practice rooms, seven teacher studios, an ensemble rehearsal room, choir rehearsal room, classroom, and recital hall.

Private music lessons
Applied Music Instruction

Available in voice, piano, guitar, strings, brass, winds, and percussion.

Boys' a cappella
Music Theory 

Augment your reading, rhythm and aural skills and understanding of music composition in Music Theory Fundamentals and Advanced Music Theory (AP).

String ensemble plays at the Holiday Soiree

Opportunities include wind, string, guitar and flute ensembles, Chapel Choir and a cappella groups.

Saint James Chapel Choir
Episcopal School

Saint James SChool

Chapel Choir

The Saint James School Chapel Choir is one of the finest in the country, with choristers leading twice weekly services of Holy Eucharist and Sunday evening Compline. They also sing regionally at area parishes and cathedrals, and have performed during spring break trips to England, Florida, and New York City.

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Choral Evensong at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Ave

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