Alumni Athletes: Lynn Hatcher '13

Saint James School Alumni Athletes: Lynn Hatcher '13

College Highlights:

  • Played NCAA Division III golf at Gettysburg College.
  • Lynn was a four-year letter winner and the Bullets were Centennial Conference Champions all four of her years on campus. She qualified for and participated in the 2016 NCAA Division III National Championships in Houston, Texas.
  • Graduated with a BA degree in Political Science and History. 

Lynn Hatcher attended Saint James for her senior year only, but says it was the best year of her life, filled with great friends, incredible experiences, and truly unforgettable moments, all of which were made possible through sports.  She was welcomed with open arms and the field hockey and lacrosse teams quickly became her family. 

“In late August of my senior year, I’ll never forget walking back to Holloway House from the field hockey field with my new sisters, admiring the beautiful evening sun over the Bai Yuka, hearing a train whistle across the tracks, checking out all of the new faces on the football team, and getting ready for a wonderful family-style dinner in the refectory,” Lynn said.  

Lynn continued her education at Gettysburg College where she majored in political science and history.  She joined the women’s golf team and credits Saint James for giving her the discipline, courage, and athleticism to play the sport that she loves and will play forever.

The Gettysburg Women's Golf Team was Centennial Conference Champions in each of Lynn's four years. She was a four-year letter winner, improving her scores every year. She qualified for and participated in the 2016 NCAA Division III National Championships at Bay Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas and was named Break-Out Performer for the 2015-2016 season, where she recorded a pair of top-five showings.

Lynn’s father, George Hatcher ’74, is an alumnus of Saint James, but she never thought it was in the cards for her to attend, nor did she think that playing golf at Gettysburg would be part of her story. 
“My life’s two greatest moments were entirely unexpected, and I could not be more grateful; nor could I imagine life without these great loves,” she said.

Reflecting on her time at Saint James, Lynn says she didn’t want to miss a single moment.
“I tried to do it all—from practices to games and workouts in the gym, to evenings at Claggett and sitting with friends on the stone circle, to spending time with my cousins and grandma who live nearby, to having political debates with Mr. James, to visiting Mrs. Barr and telling stories of old, to applying to college, to special trips to Nutters, and—I almost forgot—all of that rigorous school work we did each and every day,” she said.

Lynn would tell her younger self to cherish the memories as you live them.

“I began to do that at Saint James, for the first time. I think because Saint James is such a special balance of sports, school, friends, and reflection with God, I learned to recognize the significance of this special gift and the memories that would come with it,” she said. “My 15-year-old self was worried about the particulars of a field hockey or lacrosse game, but my 18-year old self at Saint James, was present, focused, and so blessed to be in such a beautiful place.”

Lynn currently works at Nahigian Strategies in Washington, D.C., and is certain that she got her first job because she told her future boss that she played college golf!