Alumni Athletes: Ryan Abbott '14

Saint James School Alumni Athletes: Ryan Abbott '14

College Highlights:

  • Played NCAA Division II football at Bloomsburg University.
  • Ryan was named 1st-Team All-PSAC East Kicker and 3rd-Team All-Region Kicker as well as the Huskies Special Teams MVP. He was a 3-time PSAC East Special Teams Player of the Week. 
  • Graduated with a BS degree in Environmental, Geological, and Geographical Sciences. 

Ryan Abbott arrived at Saint James School as a second former who loved to play sports, so the multisport requirement easily became one of his favorite aspects about the school.  Particularly unique he felt was the opportunity to get playing time at the junior varsity level.

"The fact that as a second former I was able to compete in junior varsity football and baseball was very special and accelerated my athletic development," Ryan said.

Ryan played football, basketball, and baseball for the Saints and learned that having an athletic outlet helped him to function at his best in all aspects of his life.  

Ryan continued his education and played football at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.  He made 18 of 23 career field goal attempts in his two seasons as placekicker for the Huskies (10 of 12 in his final season) with a long of 42 yards. He was named First-Team All-PSAC East kicker and was selected as his team's Specials Teams MVP.  Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental, Geological and Geographical Sciences.

He feels the amount of challenges and responsibilities Saint James students face help them to learn how to be accountable and make the college lifestyle easy to navigate.

"The study skills I developed at Saint James allowed me to be efficient with my time," he said. "Also, learning and being forced to be an active participant in everyday classes was an advantage that many of my college classmates had not yet understood."

Ryan also feels the diversity at Saint James was valuable to his college experience.

"The extremely diverse group of staff and students helped me to understand and fit into many different social settings," he said. "At a larger school you have the ability to hide from new or uncomfortable social settings, but with the intimate setting at Saint James you had to interact with individuals you likely would not have in a typical high school setting."

If he was giving advice to his 15-year old self, he would say don’t be the one limiting yourself and take advantage of opportunities in your current situation. 

“I wasn’t the most ambitious 15-year old, but as I’ve gotten older, my dreams have gotten bigger," Ryan said. "If you are not always striving to be better and better, or if you are being self-destructive, then you are closing doors for yourself in the future. Realize that what you do and don’t do today determines your future life and potential."

Ryan is pursuing a career as an officer in the Navy with the goal of becoming a Naval Aviator.