Holloway Tournament

The Admiral Holloway Wrestling Tournament has been a Saint James School tradition for nearly two decades. This annual winter event is named after Admiral James L. Holloway III, class of 1939, a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (Holloway Bio). The field is traditionally made up of independent schools from Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The Saints claimed their most recent of five team titles in 2011.

December 7, 2019

For more information about the Admiral Holloway Wrestling Tournament, please email Steve Lachut or by calling 301-773-9330 ext 3052.

2018 Results

TeamSeason TeamAbbrCountPoints
1 Mercersburg Academy, PA Mercersburg Academy, PA (GET)MEAC18184.5
2 Bullis School, MD Bullis School, MD (GET)BUSC23179.0
3 Paul VI, VA Paul VI, VA (GET)PAVI17161.5
4 St. James School, MD St. James School, MD (GET)SJS16144.0
5 Episcopal, VA Episcopal, VA (GET)EPIS1299.0
6 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, MD Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, MD (GET)OLOM1276.0
7 St. Andrew`s Episcopal School, MD St. Andrew`s Episcopal School, MD (GET)SAES867.0
8 Maryland School for the Deaf, MD Maryland School for the Deaf, MD (GET)MSFT864.0
9 Landon, MD Landon, MD (GET)LAND1462.0
10 The Heights School, MD The Heights School, MD (GET)THS658.0
11 Friends Of Baltimore, MD Friends Of Baltimore, MD (GET)FOB1046.0
12 Covenant Life School, MD Covenant Life School, MD (GET)CLS942.0
13 Georgetown Day School, DC Georgetown Day School, DC (GET)GDS530.0
14 Randolph Macon Academy, VA Randolph Macon Academy, VA (GET)RMA1025.0

2017 Results

2016 Results