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Walking path on campus
Walking path on campus

Explore ourBoarding School in Maryland

Saint James School is a welcoming, safe community of students and faculty—a second family of friends, teachers, mentors, and coaches for more than 180 boarding students. We are an intentionally small boarding community, designed to offer students a supportive environment and immersive educational experience that prepares them for the wider world.

Students live together, learn together, and grow together, establishing lifelong friendships with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

"Boarding is absolutely amazing at Saint James. Because we come from all over the world, we develop rare relationships that are fun and give you a whole different sense of yourself and the world."

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Boarding Life

SJS Boarding

By the Numbers

Percentage of boarding and day students:

  • 75/25 

Number of dormitories on campus:

  • 5

Percent of faculty who live on campus:

  • 95 Percent

Number of in-dorm faculty members:

  • 16

Average "commute" to campus for boarders:

  • 3 Minutes

Boarding students with full-time access to activities:

  • 100 Percent

Percent of male and female students:

  • 53/47 Percent

Number of countries represented by our student body:

  • 30
Dorm Life

A Dorm is a student's

Home away from home

The Saint James campus has five dorms, each of which varies in size and character. Dorms are divided between lower- and upper-forms, so students benefit from living with peers in similar classes and activities. The division also enables dorm parents to give residents greater independence as they mature.

Dorm heads, faculty residents, and evening faculty are the adults who look after the well-being of dorm residents. Student prefects provide an additional layer of support. 

Each dormitory contains at least one common room. The common room is a gathering place for dorm activities, including movies, snacks, games, and dorm meetings. Each common room is typically equipped with a shared refrigerator, microwave, and a TV.

Claggett Hall

Claggett Hall is home to the Headmaster, Admissions, and Business offices, and is also our largest boys' dormitory.

Holloway House

Holloway houses upper-form girls, typically fifth and sixth formers. It also has three faculty apartments.

Dorm room in Holloway

All dorm rooms come with a twin bed, desk, chair, bureau, and closet or wardrobe for each roommate.

Coors Hall

Coors Hall is a girls' dormitory, typically housing third and fourth form girls. It also has two faculty apartments.

Mattingly Hall

Mattingly Hall houses lower-form boys, typically second and third formers. It has two faculty apartments.

Onderdonk houses girls in the lower forms as well as two faculty apartments.

Study Hours

Study hours are Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Most students work in their dorm rooms, although some choose to study in the academic building. 

St. Luke's common room

St. Luke's is the common room in Claggett Hall. Each dorm has at least one common room with a TV, refrigerator, and microwave.

Saint James School campus
Maryland Boarding School

OUr Location provides the

Best of Both worlds

Saint James School is located in Hagerstown, Maryland, just 70 miles from both Baltimore and Washington, DC, with easy access to the major airports. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of living near the nation’s capital, while also enjoying the safety and serenity of our rural, Georgian style campus.

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Weekends at SJS

Students have plenty of options when it comes to weekend activities. The Student Life Office plans trips to Baltimore and Washington, DC, ski trips, hiking, ice skating, theme parks, movie runs, mall/shopping trips, and much more.

If you're more in the mood to relax, enjoy activities on campus. Go to Alumni Hall to play a game of pick-up or practice your instrument in the Pohanka Fine Arts Center. Participate in special events like Casino Night, Trivia Night, or one of our Maroon vs. White competitions. Or, just hang out in the Biggs Student Center, which features a projection screen, televisions, snack bar, and gaming tables.

Students at the Udvar-Hazy Center


Office of Student Life

David Hutchings

David Hutchings

Titles: Dean of Students
Departments: Administration, Student Life
Kelly Northrup

Kelly Northrup

Titles: Latin Teacher
Departments: Language, Student Life
Students on Campus

Life as a Day Student

Not ready to board? No problem! As a day student, you have access to the full range of academic offerings and support available at Saint James. You can play sports, sing in the choir, write for the paper, and do almost everything else that boarding students do.

By the end of their time at Saint James, almost all day students opt to board, in part to benefit from the convenience of the short walk to their first class of the day but mostly for the opportunity to become even more integrated into the life of this remarkable community.