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From the Dean of Students

Students, faculty, parents, and alumni often describe Saint James as a family, and as a home. More than just words, these characterizations capture the essence of Saint James, and speak to the close and supportive relationships you will find among students, and between students and faculty.

We strive to maintain a safe, nurturing, and inclusive community through our residential life curriculum and the support of School policies. We believe that the best way for students to reach their full potential is by being active, healthy, and well-rounded individuals.

At Saint James, learning extends beyond the classroom. By actively engaging students in weekend activities, student clubs, and extracurricular opportunities, we hope to instill the skills and courage needed to allow these young men and women to become thoughtful, engaged, and happy adults.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about campus life and what it means to be a member of our community.

Steve Lachut,
Dean of Students

301-733-9330 ext. 3052

Saint James allows everyone the opportunity to be involved and be important.

– Steve Lachut,
Dean of Students

Student Involvement

Saint James Clubs: Opportunities for Student Leadership

Saint James School provides students with many outlets for leadership and involvement. Students have the chance to plan and organize events, enhance their skills and interests, and create fun, engaging activities that forge stronger relationships with their peers and teachers. Clubs form around a common activity or interest that furthers education or benefits the School community.

Some of our clubs date back more than one hundred years, while others are brand new. Through clubs, students can find a wide range of group activities that appeal to their special interests.

Clubs at Saint James

Prefects: A group of ten Sixth Form students (six males and four females), elected by the School community to serve as student leaders during their senior year.

Honor Council: A group of five prefects, including the senior prefect and two faculty members, who respond to student violations of the Honor Code and determine appropriate punishment if necessary.

Disciplinary Committee: A group of five prefects and two faculty members who respond to disciplinary violations and determine appropriate punishment if necessary.

Choir: A group of students who perform each day in the Chapel, and participate in Choir class during the week.

Sacristans: A group of students who volunteer their time in service to the Chapel. They play an integral role in leading daily Chapel services.

Tour Guides: Students who serve as tour guides to prospective families and visitors on campus.

Peer Tutoring: Students who tutor fellow students in various subjects.

Girls' A Cappella: A girls’ voice group.

Boys' A Cappella: A boys’ voice group.

Yearbook: A club for students and teachers who work on the School's yearbook, the Bai Yuka. Members contribute in the areas of layout, editorial and photography.

Newspaper: Students who write and publish a student newspaper called the Saint James Times.

Cooking Club: A group of students interested in culinary arts who regularly bake and cook.

Lettuce Grow: A club dedicated to gardening and healthy eating.

Community in Conversation: A forum for students to engage in open and honest conversations about topics of interest. This group provides a safe space for students to engage in meaningful dialogue about sensitive issues.

Debate Club: A forum for students interested in debating a variety of contemporary controversial issues.

Boom! Science Club: A group of students engaged in scientific endeavors.

Game Development Club: A group of students who are interested in coding. They practice their newly learned skills by creating playable games.

Ski Club: A group of students who participate in weekend ski trips to local resorts.

Spirit Club: A group of students who attend athletic events to support Saint James teams.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an expression of Saint James School’s core values. Our Service Learning program supports our Mission and seeks to instill values that will empower our students to become “leaders for good in the world.”

Service Learning projects instill an understanding of the importance of giving back and an appreciation for the role that each and every student can play in contributing to the lives of others. By encouraging students to engage in service opportunities, they are able to cultivate qualities such as generosity, respect, humility, and gratitude—attributes that will serve them throughout their lives.

All Saint James students are required to participate in Service Learning as a graduation requirement. Most students fulfill the requirement during School breaks by pursuing service opportunities that speak to their interests and passions. Questions about Service Learning requirements should be directed to Father Montgomery by email or by phone at 301-733-9330 ext. 3007.

To log your service learning hours visit: Moblieserve

School-Sponsored Service Learning Trips

During the academic year, a variety of School-sponsored service trips and events are typically offered.

Recent examples include:

  • mentoring students at St. James School in Philadelphia
  • traveling to Nicaragua over spring break to work with the Peace Project
  • volunteering at the Kisseman Children’s Foundation annual Egg Hunt
  • helping out at the Run for Memories walk/run (supporting Alzheimer’s research)
  • working with K-9 Lifesavers at dog adoption events
  • resurfacing part of the towpath on the C&O Canal
  • packing food every week for children in the Micah’s Backpack program
  • Spiritual Life

    Each school day begins in the Chapel. Although our community includes a variety of religious faiths, we worship in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Episcopal Church. Chapel services rely on a dedicated team of student leaders—choristers, acolytes, readers, ushers, and sacristans. The Chaplain and the Headmaster share sacramental responsibilities. Faculty members, students, and guests, frequently speak in Chapel, making it a place where the School community comes together to learn and grow.

    Click here to learn more about Spiritual Life at Saint James.

    Dress Code

    At Saint James School, students and faculty members adhere to a dress code. There are three categories: School dress, modified dress, and casual dress. See student handbook for details.

    School Dress

    This is to be worn, unless otherwise specified by the Headmaster, throughout the academic day, and at Monday night dinners.

    Casual Dress

    Casual attire may be worn in the evenings during study hall and on weekends.

    Modified Dress

    This should be worn to Wednesday night dinners. It is essentially “school dress” without the coat and tie.

    Food & Dining

    The School community comes together to dine, enjoying both family style and buffet meals, in the Kerfoot Refectory. The food service at Saint James School is provided by SAGE Dining Services, a Maryland-based dining service provider.

    SAGE has been in business for 25 years, and is known for the use of high quality, seasonal, local ingredients—all of which are prepared on-site and served fresh to our students. SAGE also works to meet the needs of our community, addressing special dietary needs and allergy restrictions. Allergens are listed on the menu board at each meal.

    Daily Offerings Include:

    • House-roasted deli meats
    • Fresh vegetables and fruits
    • Antibiotic- and hormone-free milk
    • Cage-free, Certified Humane® eggs
    • Whole-grain breads, bagels and rolls
    • Local and campus-grown ingredients
    • Fresh salad bar and house-made dressings
    • Substantial vegetarian and vegan options provided at most meals
    • Trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings
    • Beverages include: Vitality sugar-free flavored waters in lemon lime, strawberry kiwi and mango; skim, two percent and chocolate milks; and, Nescafe Alegria coffee

    For a full menu, please visit the SAGE 2019-2020 School Year Menu. (Menu is subject to change.)

    Dining Schedule


    In addition to a hot breakfast menu, students enjoy sweet and non-sweet cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt, bagels, and a bread bar.

    Buffet breakfasts are served Monday - Friday from 7:15 - 8 a.m.

    Continental breakfast is served from 8 - 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, and from 8 - 9 a.m. on Sunday


    In addition to the main course options, a deli, soups, and an assortment of peanut butter, jams/jellies and fresh fruit are available every day. The salad bar contains legumes and proteins, as well as greens and vegetables.

    Family style lunches are served Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and are required for both day and boarding students. Students sit at assigned tables with a member of the faculty or a prefect.

    Casual buffet lunches are served Thursday and Saturday with a more formal brunch on Sundays.


    In addition to the main course options, a deli, soups, and an assortment of peanut butter, jams/jellies and fresh fruit are available every day. The salad bar contains legumes and proteins, as well as greens and vegetables.

    Family style dinners are served Mondays and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

    Buffet dinners are served Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
    Weekend buffet dinners Friday - Sunday are served at 6 p.m.

    Food Service Director: Gabriel Shaffer

    SAGE Dining Service, Inc.

    Office: 301-733-9330 Ext 3056


    SAGE Dining Services and Saint James School are committed to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

    Waste Management and Recycling

    Cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic, and even cooking oil, are recycled. Napkins are made from 100 percent recycled paper.

    Utilities Management

    Lights are turned off when not in use. Cooking equipment such as ovens, stoves, and fryers are only on when needed. Refrigeration equipment is under preventative maintenance to maintain efficiency. Low-flow water spray valves make dish washing more efficient.

    Soaps and Detergent

    Ecolab provides Apex ware-washing chemicals that are 99.7% phosphate and phosphorus free. With proper use, this can help reduce water and electricity usage.

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