That's okay! You're doing great!

As a Second Former, I haven’t had much time at Saint James, but I already have a lot of good memories. When I first visited Saint James in the fall of 2014, I was amazed at the beauty of the campus. As I shadowed a student through classes, the students seemed focused and mature, as well as kind and welcoming.

I am currently participating in soccer. I enjoy soccer, even though I have never played before. I love the team spirit and how supportive everyone is. When I make a bad pass, the girls cheer me on by saying, “That’s okay! You’re doing great!” instead of getting mad and making fun of me.

One of the things that makes Saint James School special is its small classes. It’s nice to get more individualized attention from teachers who will sit down and help you if you are struggling.

For any new students, or if you’re thinking about coming to Saint James, you may feel nervous and overwhelmed at first. But, before you know it, you will become familiar with the routine, and it will not be a problem. Just know that you can ask any teacher or student for help.

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