Rich Cottage: Past and Future
Rich Cottage: Past and Future

This year, Saint James is celebrating 175 years of timeless traditions and history. You may have already noticed some changes with the School's Patch as well as some modifications on campus.

A week before "Opening Day," workers carefully tore down Rich Cottage to prepare the site for the new Fine Arts Building. Father Owens recorded in 1984 that the cottage was built circa 1860, and it wasn't till 1946 that they expanded the building. Since then, Rich Cottage was home to the School's headmasters, with the exception of one headmaster and his family, until Biggs Rectory was completed under Father Dunnan's tenure in 2003.

Rich Cottage's most recent occupant, Mr. Camp, cherished many memories under the roof of Rich Cottage. Mr. Camp reflected that the cottage "housed the best view on campus." Located behind Claggett Hall, Rich Cottage overlooked the tranquil landscape of the Bai Yuka, giving Mr. Camp the best seat in the house. Its hearty fireplace and floor-to-ceiling book shelves made it a cozy sanctuary for relaxation and reading. With such a warm and inviting space, Mr. Camp often shared his cottage with others on campus.

Every year, Mr. Camp invited the Chapel Ushers to Rich Cottage to enjoy a post Lessons and Carols snack that was chosen by the Senior Usher. S'mores, milkshakes, and buffalo chicken dip have been featured on past menus. On Wednesday evenings, Mr. Camp would invite others to join him for Nacho Night. These small gatherings filled Rich Cottage with laughter, good company and good conversation.

Mr. Camp intends on continuing his traditions at his new residence across campus, and perhaps a few new traditions will take root.

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