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The Saint James School Columbarium

Planning a Final Resting Place

Saint James School holds a special place in the hearts of many. For over 175 years, alumni, trustees, and friends of the School, have forged life-long relationships with the institution that has played a defining role in their lives and in the lives of their children and loved ones. From birth to baptism to marriage, from daily chapel to holiday celebrations to Commencement blessings, the School has marked significant moments throughout the journey of life for countless members of this community. It seems therefore fitting that alumni, trustees, and friends of the School may choose Saint James as a final resting place at the conclusion of their journey.

The Saint James School columbarium was dedicated in 2016. Situated behind the chapel, under the shade of campus maple trees, this elegant, crescent-shaped red brick structure is designed to reflect the spirit and tradition of Saint James. The columbarium contains 60 niches, each fashioned to hold the ashes of up to two people. Positioned at its center is a restful sitting area for remembrance, reflection, and prayer. This serene location affords Saint James families the opportunity to select their final resting place behind the altar of the chapel that has played such an important role in their lives—the Altar of God that connects heaven to earth, and life to death.

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Saint James Columbarium