Student Involvement

Saint James School provides students with many outlets for leadership and involvement. Students have the chance to plan and organize events, enhance their skills and interests, and create fun, engaging activities that forge stronger relationships with their peers and teachers. Clubs form around a common activity or interest that furthers education or benefits the School community. Some of our clubs date back more than one hundred years, while others are brand new. Through clubs, students can find a wide range of group activities that appeal to their special interests.

Saint James Clubs: Opportunities for Student Leadership

Prefects: A group of ten Sixth Form students (six males and four females), elected by the School community to serve as student leaders during their senior year.

Honor Council: A group of five prefects, including the senior prefect and two faculty members, who respond to student violations of the Honor Code and determine appropriate punishment if necessary.

Disciplinary Committee: A group of five prefects and two faculty members who respond to disciplinary violations and determine appropriate punishment if necessary.

Choir: A group of students who perform each day in the Chapel, and participate in Choir class during the week.

Sacristans: A group of students who volunteer their time in service to the Chapel. They play an integral role in leading daily Chapel services.

Tour Guides: Students who serve as tour guides to prospective families and visitors on campus.

Peer Tutoring: Students who tutor fellow students in various subjects.

Girls' A Cappella: A girls’ voice group.

Boys' A Cappella: A boys’ voice group.

Yearbook: A club for students and teachers who work on the School's yearbook, the Bai Yuka. Members contribute in the areas of layout, editorial and photography.

Newspaper: Students who write and publish a student newspaper called the Saint James Times.

Cooking Club: A group of students interested in culinary arts who regularly bake and cook.

Lettuce Grow: A club dedicated to gardening and healthy eating.

Community in Conversation: A forum for students to engage in open and honest conversations about topics of interest. This group provides a safe space for students to engage in meaningful dialogue about sensitive issues.

Debate Club: A forum for students interested in debating a variety of contemporary controversial issues.

Boom! Science Club: A group of students engaged in scientific endeavors.

Game Development Club: A group of students who are interested in coding. They practice their newly learned skills by creating playable games.

Ski Club: A group of students who participate in weekend ski trips to local resorts.

Spirit Club: A group of students who attend athletic events to support Saint James teams.