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Founded in 1842, Saint James School has many cherished traditions that those in our community look forward to year after year.
Some SJS traditions are part of daily life at SJS while others happen just once a year. These unique events range from fun and spirited (Maroon vs. White and Halloween) to serious and reverent (Lessons and Carols). Our students' fondest memories are often of these beloved traditions, which unite the SJS community with a sense of camaraderie.

“The fine arts showcases! I enjoy listening to the instrumental and vocal performances as well as looking at the art and photos on display. More importantly, I love watching my peers show off their hidden talents."Camilla Power '22

“Just before we go on Winter Break, the last chapel service the morning before we leave, as a school we sing the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ and each day is a different group of people at SJS (i.e., teachers, forms, choir, etc.). The entire school comes together one last time before we head off on the longest of all our breaks.”Angie Antoine '20

Campus Landmarks

The Senior Steps of Claggett Hall

Senior Steps

In 1926 a fire destroyed Claggett Hall, leaving only the stone steps, known today as the “Senior Steps.” Now, only sixth form students are permitted on the steps, a privilege that makes them a popular hangout spot for our oldest students. It is also a proud moment when our graduating students stand as a class on the Senior Steps to wave their newly-received diplomas.

If you take a campus tour with an underform student, they may let you enter the admissions office in Claggett from those Senior Steps, but they will use the side or rear entrance! 

Poplar tree of Saint James School

Poplar Tree

The school's iconic poplar tree stands in the Senior Circle, towering over the campus. One of the oldest trees in Maryland, the stately poplar has stood sentry over the circle for more than a century. It is estimated to be between 300 and 400 years old, which means all students since Saint James School's founding in 1842 have looked up to see the poplar standing tall over them. 

The school works with Antietam Tree and Turf to keep the poplar healthy so that it will be standing for generations to come.