2018/2019 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to everyone who has made a gift to the 18/19 Annual Fund!

(This list does not include donors who have made a pledge but have not yet made their gift for the 18/19 Annual Fund. Last updated: 7/19/19)

Please give today: www.stjames.edu/giving/give-now

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Abbott Mr. Michael MacEwen and Ms. Daphne Clyburn
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Abeles Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. Magee '71
Mr. Zachary R. Abeles '10 Mr. Timothy S. Magee '69 and Mrs. Yolanda Van de Krol
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Abeln '65 Mr. Douglas P. Mahlstedt '91
Mrs. Caroline V. Adams '06 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Mahoney, III
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Adams Mr. Jaret F. Mahoney '17
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Arslan M. Malik '00
Ms. Maxine N. B. Adjei-Dadson '17 Dr. Bernard M. Malloy
The Hon. and Mrs. William H. Adkins, III '66 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Malloy, Jr. '83
Mr. Taha R. Afridi '12 Marsh & McLennan Companies
Dr. Phillip B. Aguila and Mrs. Elena M. Echenique Mr. Charles R. Marshall '11
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Akhigbe Mr. and Mrs. Donn E. Marshall
Dr. Kimberly S. Alexander, Ph D. '81 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Marshall, III
Drs. Jamal F. Ali and Raghad A. Jalil Ms. Beverly Martin
Mr. Ramsey Ali '15 Ms. Olubanke O. Martins '09
All Saints Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. John M. Martirano
Lt. Col. Brooke E. Allen, USA (Ret.) '78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mason, III
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Allen Ms. Roberta M. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Allen '67 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mattingly '58
Mr. Stephen C. Allerton '70 Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Maubert
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Allison '60 Mr. Guy Mbayo Kakumbi and Dr. Marie-Claire Mutanda M. Mbayo
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Almany Mrs. Madolyn R. McAbee
Mr. Tucker E. Almany '17 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. McClaugherty '69
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Alter, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCormack, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Alter, III '96 Mr. Jeremy D. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ambush Mr. James V. McElroy '15
Dr. and Mrs. Sabinus Anaele Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. McElroy
Mr. and Mrs. Dan G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. McEvoy
Mr. Karl P. Anderson '10 Ms. Kathryn S. McEvoy '15
Ms. Tina Angle Ms. M. Grace McFillen '15
Anonymous Ms. Megan B. McFillen '11
Ms. Aretha L. Antoine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McFillen
Ms. Carmenza Arredondo Mr. Dennis McGaha '66 and Mr. Howard Strother
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Arrowsmith '81 Mr. Thomas J. McGlynn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Asam '92 Mr. John H. McGowan '70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ashton '70 Mrs. Anna S. McGrath '96
Ms. Arnya Assance Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. McGuigan
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Mr. Martin I. McGuigan '17
Mr. Rodrigo Avellaneda and Mrs. Lucia Mecon Ms. Courtney E. McIlroy '07
Mr. Javed Azam and Dr. Roobila Naz Mr. and Mrs. John S. McIntyre, Jr. '58
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. McKaig '83
B Mr. Mark R. McKaye '03
Ms. Suzanne C. McKelvey '13
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Bacon Mr. Phillip B. McLaughlin '71 and Dr. Patricia Farrell-McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Bagarus Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Bailey '79 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Andrew McMillan, Jr.
Mrs. Nonie Baker Mrs. Karla R. McNamee
Mr. Paul K. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Custis W. McNeilly, II '54
Mr. Philip Baker-Shenk and Dr. Charlotte Baker-Shenk Mr. Grant T. McWilliams '09
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bamforth, III Ms. Sarah J. McWilliams '05
Mr. and Mrs. Bikram Bandy '91 Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. McWilliams
Mr. Weizhong Bao and Ms. Wenhua Tang Mrs. Kimberley Ann Medrano '04
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Barber '69 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Meehan, Jr. '65
Mrs. Betty Jean Barker Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Meehan '89
Mr. Christopher M. Barnes Mr. Philip G. Megrue '17
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Barnes Mr. Cole M. Menas '17
Ms. Kathleen A. Barnes '16 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Menas
Mrs. Mary Jane Barnett The Rev. Emmanuel Mercer and Ms. Monique Gilvens
Ms. Shannon E. Barnett, Esq. '05 Mr. Raymond B. Merrill '74
Mr. Cody E. Barnhart '17 Mr. Lance S. Metcalfe '75
Mr. and Mrs. Cole E. Barnhart Mr. Charles A. Michael '60
Dr. Ellen E. Barr '10 Microsoft
Mr. Jordan E. Barr '09 Mr. Michael J. Milbury
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Barr '78 Ms. Caroline H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Barrett, III '83 Ms. Catherine A. Miller
Mr. Jason T. Bartlett Cmdr. James R. Miller, USN (Ret.) '71
Mr. Jordan M. Bartlett '16 Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barton Ms. Serenity A. Miller '13
Mrs. Mary Hunter Bartzen '84 and Mr. Bernard Bartzen Mrs. A. Gay Miner
Mr. and Mrs. Tjark A. Bateman '86 Lt. Col. and Mrs. James L. Minetree '56
Mr. Marc R. Batson Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Minshall '70
Mrs. Melody S. Batson Mr. Grant Moerschel '83 and Dr. Sarah Moerschel
Mr. Geoffrey B. Beardall '43 The Rev. Brandt Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Beardsley The Rt. Revd. James W. Montgomery
Mr. Nicholas J. Beardsley '09 Dr. Glynis Moody and Ms. Jacky Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beckett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. George A. Moody '88
Dr. Everette T. Beers Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Morgan '89
Lt. Col. Wynne M. Beers, USA '98 The Revd. and Mrs. John K. Morrell '66
Mr. Allen J. Belden, Jr. '70 Mr. Lee O. Morris '04
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Bendell, IV '82 Mr. Stephen E. Morrison '77
Ms. Kelsey Benedict and Mr. Thomas Monroe Ms. Anna R. Morrow '09
The Benevity Community Impact Fund Mr. and Mrs. David A. Morrow
Mr. Thomas M. Berger and Ms. Antoinette M. Royer-Berger Mr. Spencer D. Morrow '13
Maj. Timothy S. C. Berger, USMC '04 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Moseley
Mrs. Constance B. Berkley Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Mosler '58
Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Berntson Mr. and Mrs. H. Earl Murray, Jr. '57
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Biddle '65 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Myers
Ms. Molly Billings
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Binda '49 N
Ms. Jessica L. Bishop
Dr. Herbert T. Black, O.D. '67 Mr. Nicholas R. Ndahiro '18
Ms. Alyssa L. Blank '13 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Nehrbas '71
Mr. Garett N. Blank '14 Mr. and Mrs. David L. Nevin '55
BMGI Mr. Jason C. Newby '99
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Boales Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Newby, Jr.
Mr. Randall W. Bodner '77 and Dr. Elizabeth E. Bodner Dr. and Mrs. George C. Newman, II
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Bohman '75 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Newman, III '93
Mr. Andrew M. Bonds '08 NextEra Energy, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Bonds Mr. Hai Hoang Nguyen and Mrs. Mau Thi Ngoc To
Mr. Peter A. Bonds '06 Mr. and Mrs. Hoa Xuan Nguyen
Mr. Wilson M. Book, Jr. '52 Mr. Nam Tien Nguyen and Mrs. Huong Thi Mai Duong
Ms. Verity R. Bostick Mrs. Brittany Nieves '07 and Mr. Dan Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk H. Bottner Mr. and Mrs. John A. Noel
Mr. Carter B. Bowers '19 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Norris '95
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Noyes, Jr. '59
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. C. Houston Bowles '90 O
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bowles '47
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Boyce '81 Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Obrecht, Jr. '68
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Boyd, Jr. '62 Ms. Claire E. O'Connell '11
Mr. Peter R. Boyd '62 Mr. James W. O'Grady, Jr. '61
Mr. William W. Boyer, Jr. '72 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom, II '73
Mrs. Shannon Bradley '06 and John Bradley Mr. Mark R. O'Leary
Mr. Maximillian P. Brady '14 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Olin
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brandimarte Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Olin '85
Dr. Ian N. Brauner and Ms. Erica M. Marks Mr. and Mrs. John M. Oliver '83
Mr. Kevin Breslin Ms. Elizabeth C. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Briddell '57 Mr. Reynolds Onderdonk '72 and Mrs. Georgette Nemr
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Brooks '05 Mrs. Cynthia P. Orem
Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre D. Broussard '96 Mr. David B. Orem '64
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Broussard Mrs. Caroline Orlowski '09 and Mr. John Orlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman P. Brown, II Mr. Darrin J. Osinga
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman P. Brown, III '83 Ms. Lori Osinga
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Brown Del. and Mrs. John Overington '65
Mr. Malcolm E. D. Brown Dr. Hiroaki Oyaizu '98
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Brown Mr. Efim P. Oykhman '16
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bruggman '71 Mr. Peter Oykhman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Bruse
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bryan, Sr. P
Mr. Wylie M. Bunker '66
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Burdette Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Pajer
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Burgner '90 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer, III '73
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley O. Burke '56 Mr. Thomas E. Pank
Mr. Robert M. Burleson '72 Mrs. Ellen M. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. D. Beau Burris '87 Mr. and Mrs. I. Manning Parsons, III '48
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Burris Mr. and Mrs. David P. Peacher, Sr.
Mrs. Jennifer G. Burton Dr. Jonathan Pellish '00 and Ms. Claire Mahoney
Mr. Alex H. Bust '06 Dr. Carlos Peña and Mrs. Sara Carley-Peña
Mr. Grayson T. Bust '03 Ms. Katherine E. Pennington '13
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry D. Bust Mr. William E. Pennington, Jr. '70
Mr. John K. Butcher '55 Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Pentony
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Butcher Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pershin
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Buzzell Mr. and Mrs. William Pershin
Mr. Zachary D. Buzzell '07 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Person, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Byron '79 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Peters
Mr. Theodore C. Peters
C Mrs. Christina G. Peterson
Mr. Duc Pham and Mrs. Linh Nguyen
Dr. Susan M. Caffery Col. Edward P. Phillips, Jr., USA (Ret.) '67
Mr. Larry Camp and Mrs. Kimberly Amsley-Camp Drs. James H. Phillips and Stephanie E. Smith-Phillips
Mr. Theodore R. Camp Mr. Cody R. Pillow
Mrs. Jeanne W. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Ashmead P. Pipkin '56
Mr. Timothy R. Campbell '76 Dr. Edward C. Pirolli, DO '05
Mr. Weifeng Cao and Mrs. Yiping Wu Mr. Clinton P. Pitts, Jr. '60 and Ms. Galen Beale
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Caraci '83 Mr. Clinton P. Pitts, III '89
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Caraci Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Plaster, III '81
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Carey '66 Dr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Pleasant
Mrs. Carrie R. Carlsen Mr. and Mrs. Davenport P. Plumer, III '50
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Carnes Mrs. Patricia S. Poffel
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Carney '76 Mr. Geoffrey P. Pohanka '76 and Mrs. Anne R. Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carr, Sr. Mr. D. Colin Ponder
Mr. Jared M. Carr '17 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Port, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Post
Ms. Elizabeth A. Carrill '05 Ms. Elizabeth B. Post
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Carrill '67 Mr. James F. P. Post '10
Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Carroll '88 Mr. Philip S. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Carroll Mr. Stephen R. Powell
Mr. Luke X. T. Caso '14 The Revd. Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Prehn, III
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cay, III '64 Ms. C. Lynne Price
Mr. and Mrs. Sarunyu Chamnanraj Mr. Milton M. Price, Jr. '57
Ms. Gyra N. Chan '08 Mr. Loic Pritchett '96 and Ms. Marie-Claude Lavoie
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Chan Ms. Katherine B. Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Chaney Mr. William Psillas, Jr. '67 and Mrs. Laura Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Purnell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chase '93
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Chatkin '82 Q
Mr. Bin Cheng and Mrs. Wenxuan Fang
Mr. Yuk Keung Cheng and Mrs. Huiying Dong Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Quelet
Mr. Cheng-Feng Chiang and Mrs. Hsiu- Hua Chang Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Quelet
Mr. Neil Choudhary Mrs. Abbey S. Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Chrisman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Quinn, III
Christ Episcopal Church
Mr. and Mrs. Conte C. Cicala '86 R
Mr. John R. Clark, IV '02
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Clarke '71 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ramsburgh '61
Mr. F. Peter Clements, Jr. '60 Dr. and Mrs. David N. Rath '85
Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson W. Close, Jr. '67 Mrs. Joyce P. Rath
Mr. Douglass Cochran Jr. '79 and Cmdr. Julianne Cochran, USNR Mr. and Mrs. Lee Washington Rath '79
Mr. Blaine M. Coleman '75 Dr. Sarah K. Ravin '97
Community Foundation of Washington County, MD, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Connor '62 Mr. David T. Rees, III '69
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Reeser, III '68
Mr. John K. Cooke, Jr. '85 Mrs. Melanie Regan '00 and Dr. Joseph Regan
Mrs. Amy Cooney '91 and Mr. John Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Regazzoni
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Cooper Dr. and Mrs. George R. Reinhart, IV '60
Mr. Rex S. Cooper '83 The Revd. and Mrs. Jose Luis L. Renteria
Corbonic Partners Cmdr. Hugh B. Replogle '57
Mrs. Deborah A. Cornett Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy L. Repp
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie M. Corsi, III Ms. Amanda P. Reyes '18
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson C. Cotton '66 Capt. and Mrs. John P. Richwine '05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cox '66 Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Rider '86
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Craft Mr. Joseph G. Ridgely '96
Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Crampton Mrs. Jeannette J. Rinehart
Mr. William B. Creech '68 Mr. Eric D. Riser '87
Mrs. Katherine Turner Crowley '05 Mr. Donald E. Risser, II '84
Drs. Mark and Roberta Cucuzzella Mr. David C.W. Roach '67
Mr. Peregrine Roberts '77
D Col. and Mrs. Philip T. Roberts '52
Mr. Adam Robertson
Mr. Anthony F. Daddino and Mrs. Susan J. Bevan Mr. Justin M. Robinson '15
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Daisley '54 Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Rocca, Jr.
Ms. Margaret K. Dallam Mr. Thomas E. Rocca '13
Mrs. Molly E. Danowski '02 and Mr. Michael Danowski Ms. Olivia Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Davenport, III '54 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Roe '73
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Davidson, IV '66 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Roeckelein
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Davis Mr. Alexander G. Rogers '06
Mr. Bryan C. Davis '06 Mr. Christian L. Rogers
Mr. Clinton Davis and Ms. Yongmei Li Col. William J. Rome, USAF (Ret.) '61
Mrs. Ellen B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John J. Root
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis, II Dr. Cynthia A. Ropiak
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Davis '98 Mrs. Carla Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Davis '69 Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo E. Rosignano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davis '64 Mrs. Lauren Ross '05 and Mr. John Ross
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Dawson, Jr. '52 Mr. C. Kilburn Roulette '50
Ms. Laura S. Day '99 Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Rowe
Ms. Meredith F. G. Day '17 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rue, Jr. '70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Day Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ruggiero
DEB Inc. T/A Econolodge on the Ocean Mrs. Alicia Ruiz Perez and Mr. Zoe Rocha Vega
Mrs. Catharine L. DeBoy '02 and Mr. Mark DeBoy Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Rule, Jr. '50
Mr. Joseph V. Dellaposta Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Russell
Mrs. Kathryn DeLoose, LGPC '05 and Mr. Chris DeLoose Ms. Lauren E. Russell '17
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Dempsher Mr. and Mrs. James K. Rutherfoord, Sr. '65
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Dent '65
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dent '63 S
Mr. H. Hurtt Deringer, III '87
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. D'Ermes Mr. Luke A. Salisbury '08
Mr. Todd A. DeWalt Mr. Rex K. Salisbury '06
Mrs. Aimee G. DeWeese Mr. and Mrs. T. Patrick Salisbury, Jr. '02
Dr. and Mrs. Breese M. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Tod P. Salisbury '70
Mr. and Mrs. B. Mark Dickinson, III '80 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Salmons, Jr. '77
Ms. Louise C. Dickinson '16 Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Sanford
The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas M. DiGirolamo Dr. and Mrs. Carlos S. Santiago, III
Dr. Michael T. DiGirolamo '06 Mr. N. Winfield Sapp, III
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Y. Dillard '81 Mr. Colin R. Sappenfield '16
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Dille Jr. '73 Mrs. Leigh R. Sappenfield '89 and Mr. Michael A. Sappenfield
Drs. William V. and Natalia P. Dinello Mr. and Dr. Andrew H. Sargent '91
Mr. Leslie B. Disharoon Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon T. Dodge '06 Mrs. Anne S. Satterthwaite
Mrs. Barbara F. Dolson '84 and Mr. Richard R. Dolson Mr. John L.H. Schenkel '52 and Mrs. Anita M. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Schenkel '81
Mrs. Kelsey Dougherty '07 and Mr. Stephen Dougherty The Very Revd. Robert D. Schenkel
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Douglas '03 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Schlotterbeck '91
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Douglass Mr. Bruce M. Schuettinger '74
Mrs. Laurie D. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schwartz
Mr. Nicholas H. Douglass '16 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Downs Mr. and Mrs. Randolph B. Screen '74
Mr. Ryan J. Doyle '11 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Scro
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Drabczyk Mrs. Anne W. Sechler '97 and Mr. John K. Sechler
Mr. N. Hugo Dryland and Ms. Sandra L. Richardson Mr. Michael S. Seely '73
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Dudash Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sellgren
Dr. Kenneth H. Dudley, Ph D. '55 Mr. and Mrs. L. Ludington Sells '60
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O. Duffy '48 Mr. and Mrs. Adam G. Shampaine '97
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dugas Mr. and Mrs. Haifeng Shang and Mrs. Li Tao
LCdr. Paul S. Duke '71 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Shaw, Jr. '60
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dulaney, Jr. '69 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shaw
Mr. Stephen R. Dunn '68 The Revd. and Mrs. S. Gates Shaw '64
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Dunnan Shell Oil Company Foundation
The Revd. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan Mr. and Mrs. Clifton C. Shepherd '60
Mrs. Diana B. Dunnan Mr. Christopher R. Sherman '93
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Dunnan Ms. Jennifer E. Sherman
Mrs. Kathryn B. Durham Mr. and Mrs. Winchester J. Sherman, Jr. '64
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Durham '85 Mr. Peter J. Shields, Jr. '56
Mrs. Margaret A. Shultz and Mr. Bruce A. Tilsworth
E The Revd. and Mrs. William C. Sibert, Jr. '69
Mr. James J. Siegel and Mrs. Michelle D. Wheeler
Mr. Edward P. Eagles Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Siegel
Eaton Vance Management Ms. Angela L. Sievers
Ms. Holly R. Edwards '82 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Simchak
Mr. Jack W. Efird, Jr. '50 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Sines
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Elder Jr. '78 Mr. Andrew Singletary and Dr. Pia Peltola
Ms. Kerry-Ann D. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Smeltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Ellis Mr. Alexander D. Smith '06
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow R. English Mr. Cantey D. Smith '76
Ms. Sarah A. Ensor Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Smith '01
Dr. and Mrs. Virgil V. Erlandson Mr. Harold I. D. Smith '11
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Esterly Mr. Hilton C. Smith, III '99
Mrs. Lesley Evans '95 and Mr. Thomas Evans Mr. Julian R. Smith '06
Mr. James L. Everett, PhD '65 Mrs. Suzanne E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Ewing '88 Mr. William D. Smith '14
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron T. Snapp '99
F Mr. and Mrs. James L. Snyder '57
Ms. Stephanie M. Spangler '08
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fahey Mr. and Mrs. Ethan E. Spencer '85
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. William W. Spencer '61
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Faust, Jr. Ms. Callan Spicher '10
Mr. and Mrs. Claus N. Felfe '52 Ms. Carrie Spicher '12
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Fernandez Mena '83 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Spicher
Mr. Robert A. Ferree, Jr. '58 Ms. Taylor E. Spikell '20
Ferris Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Stacey, Jr. '59
Mrs. Maria M. Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Stakes
Ms. Nicolette A. Ferris '18 Mr. Ryan A. Stakes '18
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Fetter '83 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Starkoski, Jr.
Mr. William J. Fetter, III '78 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stauffer '91
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. Mr. James C. Stein '61
Mr. Edward A. Fielden '61 Mr. John B. Sterling '72
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Finn, Esq. '85 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Stetler '67
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Finn '89 Ms. Meg K. Steuer '10
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Finn Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Stewart '52
Mr. and Mrs. Camilo A. Fiore Mrs. Maria J. Stewart
Mr. Michael R. Firth '78 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stimson '82
Drs. David L. Fishkin and Judith A. Emmert Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Storey '80
Mr. Eric M. Fishkin '18 Mr. Lee R. Stouffer '52
Mr. Jacob M. Fishkin '15 Mrs. Linda M. Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Fleming, II Mr. Michael L. Straley
Mr. H. Ditman Flory '57 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Strauch
Mr. I. Lynnwood Flory, III '55 Mr. John D. Stuart '68
Ms. C. Elisabeth Flowers Mrs. Emily B. Sturtevant
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Fogel, Jr. '62 Mr. Huimin Sun and Ms. Zhaorui Han
Mr. Hans P. Fogle '99 SunTrust Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Forbes '64 Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hall Sutcliffe '89
Mrs. Margaret F. Ford The Rt. Revd. and Mrs. Eugene T. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Forjoe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Zachary L. Sutton '96
Mr. Spencer B. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swanson, II '55
Mr. Kendal L. Fosbaugh '12 Mr. Samuel H. Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. P. Douglas Fout '77 Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A. Swift '74
Mrs. Anne S. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Syverson '02
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lanier Frank '79
Mr. Christopher S. Frisby T
Mr. Edgar Froe and Mrs. April Dabney-Froe
Mrs. Xiao Fu T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fulmer, Jr. TE Connectivity Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Adna B. Fulton Mr. Stuart E. Teach
Ms. Grace A. Fulton '15 Mr. Gerardo Tejado and Mrs. Maria Sotomayor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fulton '85 Mr. and Ms. Mark E. Thiele
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Fulton '82 Ms. Thuto S. Thipe '06
Ms. Allison N. Funkhouser '99 Mr. Chase M. Thomas '07
Ms. Miatta N. Thomas
G Ms. Tessa N. Thomas '13
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Earl P. Galleher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Thornton
Mr. Baolin Gao and Mrs. Ying Chen Mr. Kaelin L. M. Thrasher '15
Mr. Yang Gao and Mrs. Wenqun Mao Ms. Elaine M. Thurman
Mr. Anthony Garcia '18 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tiches, II '81
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Gardner, III '50 Ms. Helena M. Tilsworth '12
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Garner '96 Mr. Kyle I. K. Titus-Glover '13
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Garner '69 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Topham
Mr. Ronald B. Garrett, III '18 Mr. Nathan A. Trail '14
Mr. Ronald Garrett, Jr. and Mrs. Dawn Ford-Garrett Mr. Ian T. Treger '15
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gaver Mr. and Mrs. Neil T. Treger
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Gay, II Ms. Sarah N. Treger '13
The GE Foundation Dr. Thien-Kim L. Trenbath '96
Mr. J. Scott Geare '66 Mr. Grant L. Tribble '15
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Gehrs Mr. and Mrs. James W. Tribble
Mr. Bin Geng and Ms. Feng Wang Mr. Harry W. Trout '66
Ms. Giuliana L. Gentile '17 Dr. and Mrs. Thomston S. Trowbridge '86
Mr. Lorenzo Gentile and Mrs. Carol Bevilacqua-Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Robin M. Truitt '81
Mr. Nico S. Gentile '13 Ms. Lynne N. Tsuda
Mr. Salvatore K. Gentile '15 Mr. Robert W. Tufts '62
Mr. Joseph A. George '18 Ms. Katherine A. Tuider '03
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. George The Hon. Robert J. Tuider
Mr. Tyler J. George '15 Mr. Lee H. Tupper '65
Mr. and Mrs. William J. George Mr. Christopher P. Turner '99
Mr. A. Wright Gibson, III '67 Mr. J. Parker Turner, IV '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gilder '67 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Turner, III
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Gillespie '89 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Turner, Jr. '62
Dr. Hilary W. Ginter '85 and Mr. Gregory A. Jilek Ms. Taylor A. Twigg '03
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gish Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tyler '85
Mr. Augustus Gleason Mr. Nicholas A. Tyshing '05
Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Gleysteen '78
Mr. and Mrs. Page E. Glover '55 U
Mr. Herbert W. Goodall, III '59
Ms. Pamela Goodell Ms. N. Gretchen Ulrich '95
Mr. Caleb J. Goodie '15 Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Unger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Goodie Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Unger '57
Mr. Alexander N. Gould Mr. and Mrs. R. Frank Unger '56
Mrs. Paula S. Grace United Technologies Corp
Mrs. Pamela S. Grandstaff Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Urquhart
Mr. Sanford I. Grandstaff, III
Mrs. Catherine A. Grantham V
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno R. Graziano
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Green '61 Ms. Mary Reed Valliant
Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Greenberg Mr. E. Hawley Van Wyck, III
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan N. Greene '86 Mr. Alan A. Vando
Mr. Daniel J. Greenwald '82 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Vitkun
Dr. and Mrs. Ward O. Griffen, Jr. '45 Mr. Harry A. Volz
Lt. Col. and Mrs. James D. Griffin, III '78 Mr. and Mrs. Carl von Einsiedel
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Grossnickle
Guerrieri Family Foundation W
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Guerrieri '72
Mr. John L. Guillard '19 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wachter
Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Guillard, III Mr. Allan D. Wagaman '02
Ms. Madolyn B. Guillard '14 Mr. Alexander P. Wagner '14
Mrs. Barbara Wagner
H Ms. Gabriele S. Wagner
Mr. Thomas L. Wagner '11
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Haas Mr. William P. Wagner, III
Mr. James Haas '98 and Mrs. Margaret Troyer Mrs. Carol Wait and Mr. Fred Harris
Mr. Nicholas A. Hajdu '71 Mr. and Mrs. Jordan C. Waite '51
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ford Hall, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Abel K. Walendom
Mr. David M. Hammer and Mrs. Euphemia Kallas Mr. M. Billy Asra Walendom '14
Ms. Evanthea Hammer '15 Mr. and Mrs. Carleton E. Walker, Sr.
Mr. Jung-Su Han and Ms. SunHwa Yoon Mrs. Jean T. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua E. Handley Mr. Richard O. Walker, III
Drs. Rashid Hanif and Memoona R. Afridi Mrs. Kristen Walsh '03 and Mr. Davis Walsh
Mr. John L. Hanson '59 Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Walter, IV '94
Ms. Becky J. Harden Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Walter, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan P. Hardie Ms. Margaret O. Waltersdorf
Mr. and Mrs. W. Logan Hardie '52 Ms. Hong Wang
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harman Mr. Junjiang Wang and Ms. Zhijie Hu
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Harrell Mr. and Ms. Peiyue Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Loren L. Harris Mrs. Wei Wang
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wesley Harris, III '81 Mr. Ziniu Wang and Ms. Dongdong Deng
Mr. Robert S. Harry Mr. Brainard H. Warner, IV
Ms. Jayna Harshman Mr. B. Henry Warner, V '09
Mr. John M. Hartman Washington Episcopal School
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hatcher, Jr. '74 Ms. Anita T. Watson
Ms. Lynn B. Hatcher '13 The Revds. Allan and Ann Weatherholt
Mr. Edward B. Haubenreiser Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Weaver
Mr. David D. Hawbecker '85 Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Webb
Mr. George R. Hayman, III '67 and The Revd. Lauren D. Ackland Drs. Jason D. Weibel and Rebecca E. Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Hayzlett '75 Mrs. Laurel Weijer '04 and Mr. Neil Weijer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Hedges Mr. David Weisgerber and Mrs. Maura Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Hedges '96 Mr. Matthew Welker and Mrs. Stacey White-Welker
Mr. Benjamin L. Heebner Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Dr. C. David Hein Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Welshans '00
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Helms, Jr., '69 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Welty
Mr. John H. Hershey '14 Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. C. Wenner '75
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hershey, III Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. West '95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hertel Ms. Jane Geare West
Mr. Eric D. Hess '87 Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. White '63
Cmdr. and Mrs. Lawrence Heyworth, III '66 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. White
Mr. and Mrs. T. Hornby Hill '71 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jay Whitehouse '75
Ms. Emily L. Hilton '02 Mr. Edward B. Whitman, III '71
Mr. Tom Hippensteele Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wilkerson
Ms. Sara Worth Hodges '12 The Hon. Henry K. Willard
Mr. Casey A. Hoffman Mr. Colin J. Williams '18
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hoke '03 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Williams
Mrs. Michele K. Hoke Mr. Todd B. Williams, Sr. '76
Father Charles and Dr. Trudie Holder Ms. Bethanne N. Wilson '09
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stewart Hollingshead, II '84 Mr. George H. Wilson, Jr. '71
Adm. and Mrs. James L. Holloway, III, USN (Ret.) '39 Mr. Gregory R. Wilson and Mr. Dustin J. Black
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Holzapfel Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wilson
Mr. K. Richard Holzapfel Mr. Robert J. N. Wilson '06
Drs. Stephen K. Horrigan and Patricia J. Noel The Revd. and Mrs. Robert G. Windsor '65
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Horrocks Drs. Scott T. Winget and Rebecca L. Snyder
Ms. McKenna R. Hough '15 Mrs. Donnan C. Wintermute
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Howard, Jr. '43 Mr. and Mrs. A. Calhoun Witham, Jr. '89
Mr. Guy R. Howze, Sr. '66 Mr. Andrew R. Wivell
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton, III Mr. William J. Wivell
Mr. Edgar J. Hoyer, Jr. '52 Mrs. Dorothy I. Wood
Mr. George K. Huber '57 Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Woodring '77
Mrs. Susan Hudgins '85 and Mr. William Hudgins Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Woodruff, Jr.
Mr. William B. Hudgins '16 Dr. and Mrs. Joe Harris Woody
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hudgins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Worth
Mr. Joseph H. Hudson '66 Ms. Kali A. Worth '09
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Huguenin, IV '01 Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Worthington, Jr. '52
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Hunt Jr. '66 Ms. Elizabeth G. Worthington
Mrs. Cynthia Hanak Hunter '87 Mr. John D. Worthington, IV '69
Mr. James Hurley '87 and Ms. Rachel Segall Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Wright, III
Mr. Stephen M. Wright '75
I Ms. Michelle Wright Turner
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Walter G.B. Wright '62
Mrs. Marissa Illig '06 and Mr. Patrick Illig Mrs. Anne M. Wyatt-Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Illig '51 Drs. John V. and Ann G. Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. Uwagboe Imarhiagbe Mr. and Mrs. Travis V. Wyndham
Adm. and Mrs. Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.)
Mr. Daanial S. Iqbal '15 X
Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Ireland
Mr. James M. Itell '09 Mr. Wei Xie and Ms. Yan Zhao
Mr. Jianfeng Xu and Mrs. Pu Li
Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas Jackson '59
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Jackson Ms. Aoyi Yang '14
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Jacobs Mr. Hongyong Yang and Ms. Yang Zhang
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Jacobson Mr. A. Karl Yergey
Mrs. Anne G. James Mr. Miu Yip and Ms. Jie Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Warner T. James, Jr. Mr. Martin D. Yocum, Jr. '66
Ms. Lynn Jaquiss Mr. Seung Wook Yoo '11
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jasper '75 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Young '60
Mr. and Mrs. Marten R. Jenkins, Jr. Mrs. Jane Young
Ms. Nicole M. Jenkinson '14 Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Young, III
Mr. Huibae Jeon '15 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Young, Jr.
Dr. Nak Yeong Jeong and Mrs. Kyeong Won Jeon Ms. Emerson K. Younger '16
Mr. Lu Jin and Mrs. Dongqing Zheng Mr. Baohua Yu and Mrs. Donghong Jiang
Dr. Caroline E. Joe Ms. Peiwen Yu '18
Drs. Andrew B. Johnson and Olga P. Demina
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Johnson Z
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jones '54
JPMorgan Chase & Company Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Zanetti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zantzinger, III '82
K Mr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Zawie
Mrs. Veronica L. Zawie
Ms. Melinda A. Kan-Dapaah '16 Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean Zeiler '63
Mr. George K. Karos '86 Mr. Jun Zhan and Mrs. Ying Yan
Ms. Maria K. Karos, Esq. '82 and Mr. John W. Newby Dr. Bo Zhang and Mrs. Tingye Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Katinas '78 Mr. Neil N. Zhang '18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kay, Sr. '60 Mr. Qiang Zhang and Mrs. Qing Yang
Mr. Stephen L. Keltner '68 Mr. Tao Zhang and Mrs. Minqi Zeng
The Rev. James O. Kempson Mr. Wei Zhang and Mrs. Lei Zheng
Mr. John F. Kerkam, Jr. '60 Mr. Zhihao Zhang and Mrs. Yaling Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Kasey C. Kesselring, EdD '86 Mr. Yanyang Zhao '14
The Revd. and Mrs. Samuel N. Keyes Mr. Yucong Zhu and Ms. Fang Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Derek L. Kilmer Mr. Zhenglong Zhu and Mrs. Wenjing Yu
Mr. Dong Hyun Kim '14 Mr. and Mrs. Karl O. Zierfuss '94
Mr. Un Soo Kim and Mrs. Mi Young Yu Mrs. Patricia E. Zimmerman
Ms. Whitney P. Kimmel '04 Drs. Greg S. Zimmermann and Laura E. Zimmermann
Mr. Daniel S. King '98
Mr. Mons A. King '60
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Kline '67
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Kline
Ms. Kerri A. Kline '14
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kmonicek
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Knight
Mrs. Stefanie M. Koehn '05
Ms. Kendall E. Kothari '18
Dr. Kevin Tucker and Mr. John S. Krajovic '69
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kretzer
Mr. Joon Mo Ku '08
Dr. Young Ku
Ms. Charlotte D. La Nasa
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lachut
Mr. and Mrs. E. Preston Lancaster, Jr. '55
Mrs. Lillie B. Largey
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Larsen '73
Mr. Chin Yan Lau and Mrs. Yin Wong
Ms. Hannah S. Lee '17
Mr. Ho Jun Lee '17
Mr. Kyungho Lee and Mrs. Moonsun Kwon
Mrs. Marjorie T. Lee
Ms. Se Young Lee '09
Mr. and Mrs. Sewall E. Lee
Mr. James T. Leitch '81
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Lenney '68
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Levasseur
Ms. Lauren Lewis
Mr. Biao Li and Mrs. Baohua He
Mr. Tao Li and Ms. Xu Li
Mr. and Mrs. Justin W. Lilley '82
Mr. Yi Lin and Mrs. Xiao Fu
Mr. and Mrs. Mason H. Little '84
Ms. Fangze Liu '15
Dr. Kourtney R. Logan, USA '02
Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. R. Loker '69
Ms. Sadiqa Long
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Louden, Sr. '62
Mr. Benjamin W. Louderback '12
Ms. Sarah E. Louderback '08
Mr. Thomas W. Louderback '06
Mr. Andrew D. Ludwick '11
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ludwick
Mr. John G. Ludwick '14
Ms. Leanne T. Ludwick '16
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lyles '86
Mr. D. Hayden Lyles '17
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lyles, III '82
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Lynch
Mrs. Lucy Lyon