2021-2022 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to all in our Saint James community who have so generously supported the Annual Fund! These funds directly support our students and faculty, and allow us to carry out the Saint James mission of creating leaders for good in the world.


Updated: June 23, 2022


Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan
Mrs. Caroline V. Adams '06 and Mr. Jason L. Adams
Ms. Maxine N. B. Adjei-Dadson '17
The Hon. and Mrs. William H. Adkins, III '66
Ms. Lauren E. Aguila '21
Dr. Phillip B. Aguila and Mrs. Elena M. Echenique
Dr. Kimberly S. Alexander '81 & Mr. Dane Alexander
Mr. Yousef Ali '19
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Aliveto
Lt. Col. Brooke E. Allen, USA (Ret.) '78
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Allen '67
Mr. Stephen C. Allerton '70
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Allison '60
Mr. Griffin D. Almany '20
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Alter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Ambush
Mr. and Mrs. Dan G. Anderson
Mr. Karl P. Anderson '10
Mr. Troy Anderson and Mrs. Rosemary Waithe-Anderson
Ms. Tina M. Angle
Ms. Aretha L. Antoine
Mr. and Mrs. Drew P. Arnett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Arrowsmith '81
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Asam '94
Mr. Samuel A. Ashelman '05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ashton '70
Ms. Catalina Avellaneda '19
Mr. Rodrigo Avellaneda and Mrs. Lucia Mecon
Dr. Leona Ba
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Bacon
Ms. Margaret L. Bacon '12
BAE Systems, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Bailey '79
Mr. Paul K. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. John Bakersmith
Mr. Osama Bakr and Ms. Khlood Dukheil
Ms. Ashley Balash
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bamforth, III
Mr. and Mrs. Bikram Bandy '91
Bank of America Matching Gift Program
Ms. Adrienne D. Banko
Ms. Deattra J. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Barber '69
Mrs. Betty Jean Barker
Mrs. Mary Jane Barnett
Ms. Shannon E. Barnett '05
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Barr '78
Mrs. Victoria J. Barr '09
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Barrett, III '83
Ms. Mary Kathryn Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Bartlett, III '61
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Tjark A. Bateman '86
Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Batson
Mr. Geoffrey B. Beardall '43
Mr. William F. Beatty, Jr. '61
Dr. and Mrs. Everette T. Beers
Lt. Col. Wynne M. Beers, USA '98 and Mrs. Nicole Le Estey
Mr. Allen Belden, Jr. '70
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Bendell, IV '82
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. Thomas M. Berger and Ms. Antoinette M. Royer-Berger
Maj. Timothy S. Berger, USMC '04
Mrs. Constance B. Berkley
Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Berntson
Col. and Mrs. James V. Berryhill
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Biddle '65
Mr. Christopher W. Bishop
Ms. Jessica L. Bishop
Dr. Herbert T. Black  '67
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Boales
Mr. Randall W. Bodner '77 and Dr. Elizabeth E. Bodner
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Bohman '75
Mr. Andrew M. Bonds '08
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Bonds
Mr. Peter A. Bonds '06
Mr. Wilson M. Book, Jr. '52
Mr. and Mrs. C. Houston Bowles '90
Mrs. Kay D. Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Boyce '81
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Boyd, Jr. '62
Mr. Peter R. Boyd '62
Mr. William W. Boyer, Jr. '72
Mr. Maximillian P. Brady '14
Dr. Ian N. Brauner and Ms. Erika M. Marks
Mr. Kevin G. Breslin
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Briddell '57
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brittle
Drs. Robert L. Brooks, Jr. and Karen S. Midthun
Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre D. Broussard '96
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett M. D. Brown '08
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman P. Brown, II
Mr. Coleman P. Brown, III '83
Mr. John M. Brown
Mr. Malcolm E. D. Brown
Ms. Megan V. Brown '98
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bruggman '71
Ms. Jean W. Brune
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle P. Bruse '01
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bryan, Sr.
Mr. William A. Bryan, Jr. '92
Mr. Benjamin M. Bumby '95
Mr. Stephen D. Bumby '99
Mr. Wylie M. Bunker '66
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Burdette
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Burgner '90
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley O. Burke '56
Mr. Robert M. Burleson '72
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Burris
Mr. John K. Butcher '55
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Buzzell
Mr. Zachary D. Buzzell '07
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Camalier
Mr. Theodore R. Camp
Mr. Timothy R. Campbell '76
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Caraci
Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Carden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Carey '66
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Carnes
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Carney '76
Mr. Brooks Carpenter '25
Mrs. Laura Randall Carpenter '89 and Mr. Stephen Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carr
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Carrill '67
Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Carroll '88
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Carroll
Mr. Theodore M. Carter '23
Ms. Veronica M. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cay, III '64
Mr. Kestutis Cereska and Mrs. Vilma Cereskiene
Mr. Dennis R. Cervino '59
Ms. Gyra N. Chan '08
Mr. Christopher J. Chaney '19
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Chaney
Mr. Hung Chi Chang and Mrs. Ru-Fen Lee
Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chase '93
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Chatkin '82
Mr. Yu Hoi Cheung and Ms. King Yee Lo
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Chrisman, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Conte C. Cicala '86
Mr. Brian B. Clark '92
Mrs. Carrie R. Clark Carlsen
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Clark, III
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Clark '63
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Clarke '71
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Close '71
Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson W. Close, Jr. '67
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Coale
Mr. Douglass C. Cochran Jr. '79 and Cmdr. Julianne S. Cochran, USNR
Mr. John K. Cooke, Jr. '85
Mr. Rex S. Cooper '83
Mrs. Deborah A. Cornett
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie M. Corsi, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson C. Cotton '66
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cox '66
Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Crampton
Mr. William E. Creech '68
Mrs. Katherine T. Crowley '05 and Mr. David I. Crowley
Crown Castle USA Inc.
Mr. Anthony F. Daddino and Mrs. Susan J. Bevan
Ms. Angela Dadson
Mrs. Linda T. Daisley
Ms. Margaret K. Dallam
Mrs. Molly E. Danowski '02 and Mr. Michael Danowski
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Davenport, III '54
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Davidson, IV '66
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Davis '06
Mrs. Ellen B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Davis '98
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Davis '69
Mr. Richard T. Davison, II '67
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Dawson, Jr. '52
Ms. Mary Anne R. Day
Dr. Roberta L. DeBiasi
Ms. Ashley E. Dellaposta
Ms. Kaitlin M. Dellaposta '20
Mrs. Kathryn D. DeLoose '05 and Mr. Christopher R. DeLoose
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Dent '65
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dent '63
Mr. D. Hurtt Deringer, III '87
Mr. Robert O. Derrick, III '73
Mrs. Mojca A. Dezman
Mr. Edwin A. Diaz and Ms. Jenny Bonilla
Mr. and Mrs. B. Mark Dickinson, III '80
Mr. Breese M. Dickinson, IV '14
Ms. Louise C. Dickinson '16
Mrs. Courtenay Diederich '82 and Mr. Joseph Diederich
The Hon. Thomas and Mrs. Jane DiGirolamo
Dr. Michael T. DiGirolamo '06
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Y. Dillard '81
Mr. Iliya A. Dinello '23
Drs. William V. and Natalia P. Dinello
Mr. Leslie B. Disharoon
Mr. Emmanuel Djirosse and Mrs. Dominique Yace-Djirosse
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lindsay Dobson '79
Mrs. Barbara F. Dolson '84 and Mr. Richard R. Dolson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Dotson
Mr. Paul C. Dougherty '84
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Douglas '03
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Douglass
Mrs. Sayaka Dow '02
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Drabczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Dudash
Dr. Kenneth H. Dudley '55
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dugas
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Dunnan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Dunnan
Mrs. Kathryn B. Durham
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Durham '85
Mr. B. Ryker Dutton '15
Mr. Edward P. Eagles
Mr. Jack W. Efird, Jr. '50
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow R. English
Dr. and Mrs. Virgil V. Erlandson
Ms. Kelly L. Espy
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Everett '65
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Osama I. Farooqi '97
Ms. Darcy A. Farrell '20
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Travis E. Faust
Mr. and Mrs. Claus N. Felfe '52
Mr. Miles L. Fenn '74
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Fernandez Mena '83
Mr. Robert A. Ferree, Jr. '58
Ferris Family Foundation
Mrs. Maria M. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Fetter '83
Mr. William J. Fetter, III '78
Maj. and Mrs. John C. Fetterman, II '71
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fialka
Mr. Edward A. Fielden '61
Mr. David R. Finn '85 and Dr. Sharu C. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Finn '89
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Finn
Mr. Michael R. Firth '78
Mr. Eric M. Fishkin '18
Mr. Jacob M. Fishkin '15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Fleming, II
Mr. Dave Fletcher
Mr. H. Ditman Flory '57
Ms. C. Elisabeth Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Fogel, Jr. '62
Mrs. Dana Urquhart Fogle '02
Mr. H. Peter Fogle '99
Mr. and Mrs. Erik F. Foland '91
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. P. Douglas Fout '77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Foy '55
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lanier Frank '79
Dr. and Mrs. Rogers M. Fred III '73
Mr. Mark M. Freestate '71
Mr. David French and Mrs. Susan Miller-French
The Revd. and Mrs. Christopher A. Frye
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fulmer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Adna B. Fulton
Ms. Claire R. Fulton '17
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fulton '85
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Fulton '82
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Funfgeld
Dr. and Mrs. Earl P. Galleher, Jr.
Mr. Yang Gao and Mrs. Wenqun Mao
Mr. Anthony Garcia '18
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Gardner, III '50
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Garner '96
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Garner '69
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gaver
Dr. Ellen Gavin '10 and Mr. Eric Gavin
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Gay, II
Mr. J. Scott Geare '66
Ms. Jessica J. Geng '21
Mrs. Frances H. George
Mr. Joseph A. George '18
Mr. Lucas W. George '21
Mr. and Mrs. William J. George
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gilder '67
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Gillespie '89
Dr. and Mrs. Allen J. Gilson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Ginter '85
Dr. Hilary W. Ginter '85 and Mr. Gregory A. Jilek
Mr. and Mrs. W. Justin Gisriel
Mr. Christian Gladchuk '25
Mr. Augustus M. Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Gleysteen '78
Mr. Page E. Glover '55
Mr. Zuo Jun Gong '12
Mr. Herbert W. Goodall, III '59
Mr. Caleb J. Goodie '15
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Goodie
Mr. Hal B. Goolman
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Gorham
Mrs. Paula S. Grace
Mrs. Pamela S. Grandstaff
Mr. Sanford I. Grandstaff, III
Ms. Shannon A. Graving '92
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Green '61
Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Greene
Mr. Daniel J. Greenwald '82
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Greenwald
Ms. Marla K. Griffey
Guerrieri Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Guerrieri '72
Mr. John L. Guillard '19
Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Guillard, III
Ms. Madolyn B. Guillard '14
Hagerstown Garden Club
Mr. Nicholas A. Hajdu '71
Mr. David Hammer and Ms. Euphemia Kallas
Mr. John L. Hammer, IV '87
Mrs. Galina V. Hammond
Mr. Yaodian Han and Mrs. Yuesu Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua E. Handley
Mr. Feng Hang and Mrs. Nan Hu
Drs. Rashid Hanif and Memoona R. Afridi
Mr. John L. Hanson '59
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan P. Hardie
Mr. and Mrs. W. Logan Hardie '52
Ms. Kira Harding
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Blake T. Harper '97
Mr. and Mrs. Loren L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wesley Harris, III '81
Mr. Robert S. Harry
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harry
Mr. Patrick C. Hart '14
Mr. and Ms. Eric Hatfield
Mr. Edward B. Haubenreiser
Mr. David D. Hawbecker '85
Mr. George R. Hayman, III '67 and The Revd. Lauren D. Ackland
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Hayzlett '75
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Hedges '96
Mr. Benjamin L. Heebner
Dr. David Hein
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Helms, Jr. '69
Mr. J. Holden Hershey '14
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hershey, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hertel
Mr. William H. Hertel '20
Mr. Eric D. Hess '87
Cmdr. and Mrs. Lawrence Heyworth, III, USN (Ret.) '66
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hill '71
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Hill
Ms. Emily L. Hilton '02
Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Hilton '90
Mr. Tom Hippensteele
Mr. Paulo Hladchuk and Mrs. Elena Gladchuk
Mr. Edward Ho and Ms. Xiaohui Zhang
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hoke '03
Mrs. Michele K. Hoke
The Revd. Charles and Dr. Trudie Holder
Ms. Jane G. Holloway
Mr. Nikolas A. Holtz '06
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Holzapfel
Mr. Daniel G. Hopkins
Mrs. Annette R. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton, III
Mr. Zhigao Hu and Ms. Yue Wang
Mr. George K. Huber '57
Ms. Susan F. Hudgins '85
Mr. Joseph H. Hudson '66
Mr. Patrick J Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Huguenin, IV '01
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Hunt, Jr. '66
Mrs. Cynthia Hanak Hunter '87
Mr. James A. Hurley '87 and Ms. Rachel L. Segall
Mr. David Hutchings
Ms. Adrienne Hyat
Mr. and Mrs. Uwagboe Imarhiagbe
Adm. and Mrs. Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas Jackson '59
Mr. Kevin Jacobs and Mrs. Andrea Ashby-Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Jacobson
Ms. Alli Jacobson '21
Mrs. Anne G. James
Ms. Mary E. James '19
Mr. Warner T. James, III '21
Drs. James M. Jasper '75 and Sarah L. Rosenfield
Mr. Daris Javed '21
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Jeffery '07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Jennings '71
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Johnson
Mrs. Maggie P. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Channing R. Jones '59
Mr. Mark S. G. Jones '77
Mr. Robert L. Jones '54
Mr. and Mrs. Boo D. Jonson
Dr. and Mrs. Maulik S. Joshi
Ms. Melinda A. Kan-Dapaah '16
Mr. George K. Karos '86
Ms. Maria K. Karos '82 and Mr. John W. Newby
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Katinas '78
The Rev. James O. Kempson
Mr. Jacob G. Kesten
Ms. Jill Kesten
Kilmers Farm Market
Mr. and Mrs. Byoungchul Kim
Mr. Dan S. King '98
Mr. and Mrs. Adam W. Kingry
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Kline '67
The Koehler Mahlstedt Family Foundation
Mrs. Stefanie Koehn '05 and Mr. William Koehn
Ms. Kendall E. Kothari '18
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Kotkin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Kotz
Mr. Noah J. Kotz '25
Dr. Kevin Tucker and Mr. John Krajovic '69
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kretzer
Mr. Joon Mo Ku '08
Ms. Tina K. Kumar
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Kumst
Mr. Robert C. Kuser, III and Ms. Mary T. Fortuna
Ms. Jee Hyun Kwon '21
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lachut
Mr. David B. Lafferty '75
Mrs. Brenda S. Lampard
Mr. and Mrs. E. Preston Lancaster, Jr. '55
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Larsen '73
Mr. Oluwakayode Lawal and Mrs. Nnenna Kayode-Lawal
Ms. Rebecca B. Lawson
Ms. Therese M. Laxalt '13
Mrs. Anne B. Lee
Ms. Hannah S. Lee '17
Mr. Kyungho Lee and Mrs. Moonsun Kwon
Mrs. Marjorie T. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Sewall E. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lees
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Lenney '68
Mrs. Ashley E. Leslie '12 and Mr. Patrick C. McDonald
Mr. Brian L. Lewis
Dr. Tao Li and Ms. Lin Jiang
Mr. Zuopeng Liang and Ms. Liping Xia
Ms. Daisy Liguori
Mr. and Mrs. Justin W. Lilley '82
Mr. Jae Hyun Lim
Mr. Dong Hao Liu '12
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dawson Long '81
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lotsikas
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Louden, Sr. '62
Mr. Thomas W. Louderback '06
Mr. Andrew D. Ludwick '11
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ludwick
Mr. John G. Ludwick '14
Ms. Leanne T. Ludwick '16
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lyles '86
Mr. D. Hayden Lyles '17
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lyles, III '82
Ms. Linda D. Mabbs
Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. Magee '71
Mr. Timothy S. Magee '69 and Mrs. Yolanda Van de Krol
Mr. Douglas P. Mahlstedt '91
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Mahoney, III
Mr. Jamie M. Mahoney '20
Mr. Jaret F. Mahoney '17
SPC Nauman Malik '97
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Malloy, Jr. '83
Yardley M. Manfuso
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Manning '74
Mr. Spencer P. Manning '08
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Marsh, III
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Marshall, III
Ms. Neva K. Martin
Mrs. Tamara Martinez '98 and Mr. Allan Martinez
Ms. Opeoluwa I. Martins '11
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Martirano
Mr. Joel A. Martirano '20
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mattingly '58
Ms. Laurelle J. H. Maubert '21
Mr. Guy Mbayo Kakumbi and Dr. Marie-Claire Mutanda M. Mbayo
Dr. Dorothy R. McAdams
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. McClaugherty '69
Mr. Jeremy D. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McElroy
Mr. Dennis E. McGaha '66 and Mr. Howard A. Strother
Mr. John H. McGowan '70
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. McGuigan
Ms. Courtney E. McIlroy '07
Mr. and Mrs. John S. McIntyre, Jr. '58
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. McKaig '83
Mr. Phillip B. McLaughlin '71 and Dr. Patricia Farrell-McLaughlin
Ms. Morgan F. McMahon '21
Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. McMahon
Dr. and Mrs. R. Andrew McMillan, Jr.
Mrs. Karla R. McNamee
Mr. Spencer W. McNamee '19
Mr. and Mrs. Custis W. McNeilly, II '54
Mr. Grant T. McWilliams '09
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Meehan, Jr. '65
Ms. Grace Megaffin
Ms. Alisa Mehrtens '02
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Menas
Mr. Lance S. Metcalfe '75
Mr. Charles A. Michael, Sr. '60
Mr. Vidat Mijit and Mrs. Medina Ablikim
Cmdr. James R. Miller, USN (Ret.) '71
Mrs. A. Gay Miner
Lt. Col. and Mrs. James L. Minetree '56
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Minshall '70
Mr. Grant P. Moerschel '83 and Dr. Sarah K. Moerschel
Mr. Carey Molloy and Dr. Christine Molloy
The Revd. Dr. Brandt L. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. W. George A. Moody '88
The Revd. and Mrs. John K. Morrell '66
Mr. and Mrs.  Lee O. Morris '04
Mr. Patrick S. Morris '14
Mr. Robert C. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Moser
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Mosler '58
Ms. Parvina Muhamedkhojaeva
Mr. James G. Mulligan '84
The Revd. and Mrs. Paul Mundey
Mrs. Donna I. Murray
Ms. Mary A. Murray '10
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Nardiello '75
Mrs. Maki Nau '01 and Mr. Ryan Nau
Mr. and Mrs. Suraj Navaratne
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Naylor '03
Mr. Nicholas R. Ndahiro '18
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Nehrbas '71
Mr. William T. Nestor '94
Ms. Mary Newby
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Newman, III '93
Mrs. Judith E. Newman
NextEra Energy, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Hien D. Nguyen
Mr. Khoi M. Nguyen '21
Mr. Tien Nguyen and Mrs. Huong Than
Mrs. Brittany E. Nieves '07 and Mr. Daniel L. Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Norris '95
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Nuessle '54
Mr. Kevin P. Oates
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Obrecht, Jr. '68
Ms. Gloria Ofari-Boadu
Mr. Elijah P. K. Ofosuhene '25
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Ofosuhene
Cmdr. James W. O'Grady, USN (Ret.) '61
Mr. Changyul Oh and Mrs. Heungsook Hong
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom, II '73
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Olin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Olin '85
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Oliver '83
Ms. Elizabeth C. Olson
Mrs. Cynthia P. Orem
Mr. David B. Orem '64
Mrs. Caroline W. Orlowski '09 and Mr. John M. Orlowski
Otis Elevator Company
Ms. Geraldine Otremba
Del. and Mrs. John Overington '65
Dr. Hiroaki Oyaizu '98
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Page '85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Pajer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer, III '73
Mr. Joseph Paradis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Parish
Mr. James L. Parker '57
Mr. and Mrs. I. Manning Parsons, III '48
Ms. Mary E. Parsons '89
Ms. Linda Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Peacher, Sr.
Dr. Jonathan A. Pellish '00 and Ms. Claire A. Mahoney
Mr. William E. Pennington, Jr. '70
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Pepprah
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Person, Jr.
Mr. Walter B. Peterson, ASID '70
Drs. James H. Phillips and Stephanie E. Smith-Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Cody R. Pillow
Mr. and Mrs. Ashmead P. Pipkin '56
Mr. Clinton P. Pitts, Jr. '60 and Ms. Galen Beale
Mr. Clinton P. Pitts, III '89
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Plumley, Jr.
Ms. Maria Plunkett
Mrs. Patricia S. Poffel
Mr. Geoffrey P. Pohanka '76 and Mrs. Anne R. Kline
Mr. D. Colin Ponder
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Post
Mr. Joseph A. Powell
The Revd. Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Prehn, III
Mr. Jaka Prevodnik '21
Ms. Carole Lynne Price
Mr. Milton M. Price, Jr. '57
Mr. Loic C. Pritchett '96 and Ms. Marie-Claude Lavoie
Mr. William G. Psillas, Jr. '67 and Mrs. Laura W. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Purnell
Mr. Thomas J. Quelet '19
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ramsburgh '61
Mr. Xu Ran and Mrs. Kailing Liang
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Randall
Mr. Christopher A. Randol '73
Ms. Rachel A. Rao '22
Dr. Samuel Rao and Dr. Anne Rao
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Rath '85
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ravenel Jr.
Dr. Sarah K. Ravin '97
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Redmond
Mr. David T. Rees, III '69
Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Reeser, III '68
Mrs. Melanie Regan '00 and Dr. Joseph Regan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Regazzoni
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Reinhart, IV '60
Ms. Stacey H. Renner
The Revd. and Mrs. Jose Luis L. Renteria
Mr. Joseph Renteria '17
Cmdr. Hugh B. Replogle '57
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Richardson, III '70
Mr. Russell S. Ricker '87
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Rider '86
Mr. Joseph G. Ridgely '96
Mr. Anthony W. Ridgway '62
Mr. Eric D. Riser '87
Mr. Donald E. Risser, II '84
Ms. Mary K. Risser
Mr. David C. W. Roach '67
Mr. Peregrine Roberts '77
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Rocca, Jr.
Ms. A. Brianna Rodriguez '98
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo D. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Roeckelein
Ms. Hillery Rolle
Col. William J. Rome, USAF (Ret.) '61
Ms. Jenna Root '20
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Root
Mr. Zachary T. Rosenstock '00
Ms. Olivia R. Rosenthal '22
Mr. Gino G. Rosignano '09
Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo E. Rosignano
Mr. and Ms. Julian X. Ross
Mrs. Lauren E. Ross '05 and Mr. John J. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Rowe
Ms. Mary Roxer '00 and Mr. Justin Roxer
Ms. Susan E. Roza
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rue, Jr. '70
Mr. Eduardo Rukos Dogre and Mrs. Eliani Montanez Dall'Ava
Ms. Lauren E. Russell '17
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Russell '74
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Rutherfoord, Sr. '65
S&P Global Foundation
Mr. Joseph Safo-Kantanka
Mr. Luke A. Salisbury '08
Mr. and Mrs. Tod P. Salisbury '70
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Salmons, Jr. '77
Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Sanford
Mrs. Leigh R. Sappenfield '89 and Mr. Michael A. Sappenfield
Mr. Andrew H. Sargent '91 and Dr. Tara L. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sargent
Mr. Christopher M. Saylor '99 and Ms. Dana M. Pinchotti
Mr. John L. H.  Schenkel '52 and Mrs. Anita Graham
Mr. Levi J. Schindel '16
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Schlotterbeck '91
Mrs. Brigitte Schmidt
Mr. Bruce M. Schuettinger '74
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph B. Screen '74
Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy Screen '75
Ms. Raisa A. Scriabine and Mr. Miles R. Benson
Mrs. Anne W. Sechler '97 and Mr. John K. Sechler
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Secrist '86
Mr. and James M. Sellgren
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ludington Sells '60
Mrs. Marisela A. Sener
Mr. Haifeng Shang and Mrs. Li Tao
Ms. Xiaotao Shang '23
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shaw
The Revd. and Mrs. S. Gates Shaw '64
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton C. Shepherd '60
Mr. Stephen Sheredy
Mr. Christopher R. Sherman '93
Ms. Jennifer E. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Winchester J. Sherman, Jr. '64
Mr. Peter J. Shields, Jr. '56
Mr. Jae Hoon Shin and Mrs. Ho Kyoung Yoo
Mrs. Margaret A. Shultz and Mr. Bruce A. Tilsworth
Mr. James J. Siegel and Mrs. Michelle D. Wheeler
Ms. Angela L. Sievers
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Simchak
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Sluzalis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Smeltzer
Mr. Cantey D. Smith '76
Mr. Harold I. D. Smith '11
Mr. Hilton C. Smith, III '99
Mr. D. Tucker Smoot '08 and Mrs. Christie Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron T. Snapp '99
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Snyder '57
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Spellar
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan E. Spencer '85
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Spencer '61
Ms. Callan Spicher '10
Mr. C. Ethan Spicher '16
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Spicher
Mr. Thomas L. Springer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Staley
Mr. Jesse H. Stanchak '01
Mr. Thomas A. Starkoski, III '22
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Starkoski, Jr.
Mr. James C. Stein '61
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sterling '72
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Stetler '67
Carol Steuart
Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Stiffler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stimson '82
Mr. Ian B. Stimson '21
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stoup, Jr.
Mrs. Linda M. Stowe
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Strauch
Mrs. Shelly L. Suddith
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan J. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Sumner
Mr. Huimin Sun and Ms. Zhaorui Han
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon H. Sutcliffe '89
The Rt. Revd. and Mrs. Eugene T. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary L. Sutton '96
Mrs. Tara J. Swaby
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swanson, II '55
Mr. Samuel H. Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Synan '87
T. Rowe Price Charitable
Mr. Stuart E. Teach
Mr. Gerardo Tejado and Ms. Maria Sotomayor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Thiele
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Thomas
Ms. Tessa N. Thomas '13
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Thompson
Ms. Elaine M. Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tiches, II '81
Mr. Nicholas E. Tiches '15
Ms. Maureen P. Tillman
Mr. Kyle I. K. Titus-Glover '13
Ms. Sarah N. Treger '13
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Trenbath
Ms. Lynne N. Tsuda
Mr. John R. Tucker
Mr. Robert W. Tufts '62
Ms. Katherine A. Tuider '03
The Hon. Robert J. Tuider
Ms. Sarah C. Turesky
Dr. Stanley Turesky and Mrs. Geraldine Otremba
Mr. Christopher P. Turner '99
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett A. Turner '04
Mr. and Mrs. J. Parker Turner, IV '02
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Turner, III
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Turner, III '83
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Turner, Jr. '62
Mr. Andrew B. Twigg '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Twigg
Ms. Taylor A. Twigg '03
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tyler '85
Mr. Nicholas A. Tyshing '05
Ms. N. Gretchen Ulrich '95
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Unger '57
Mr. and Mrs. R. Frank Unger '56
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Urquhart
Mr. and Mrs. F. Bronson Van Wyck
Mr. J. Nicholas Vance
Ms. Victoria A. Vando '19
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan J. Venditta '06
Mr. James M. Vermilye '86
Ms. Kathryn L. Verona '03
Mrs. H. Shea Victor '08 and Mr. John Victor
Ms. Vilina A. Vidat '25
Mr. Harry A. Volz
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wachter
Mr. Allan D. Wagaman '02
Ms. Gabriele S. Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. Rehan Waheed '00
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan C. Waite '51
Mr. and Mrs. Carleton E. Walker, Sr.
Mrs. Jean T. Walker
Mrs. Kristen J. Walsh '03 and Mr. Davis M. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Walter, IV '94
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Walter, III
Mr. and Mrs. Desmond D. Walton '82
Ms. Elizabeth B. Wanack '04
Ms. Hong Wang
Mr. Jin Wang '24
Ms. Jingyi Wang '25
Mr. and Ms. Peiyue Wang
Mr. Shouchun Wang and Ms. Xiaocui Jin
Mr. Zhitai Wang and Ms. Chunxia Tang
Mr. B. Henry Warner, V '09
Mr. and Mrs. Titus Warui
Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Weaber '63
The Revds. Allan and Anne Weatherholt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Webb
Mr. Dongxiao Wei and Mrs. Yiyun Yao
Drs. Jason D. Weibel and Rebecca E. Connor
Mrs. Laurel K. Weijer '04 and Mr. Neil B. Weijer
Mr. David B. Weisgerber and Mrs. Maura C. Fisher
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Welty
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. C. Wenner '75
Mr. Geoffrey B. West '95
Ms. Jane Geare West
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. White '63
Mr. and Mrs. William White
Mr. and Mrs. H. Jay Whitehouse '75
Mr. Edward B. Whitman, III '71
Mr. Henry A. Willard, III
Mr. Colin J. Williams '18
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wills
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wilson, Jr. '71
Mr. Robert J. N. Wilson '06
Mr. and Mrs. W. Terrell Wilson '94
The Revd. and Mrs. Robert G. Windsor '65
Ms. Claira E. Winget '13
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Winikoff
Mrs. Donnan C. Wintermute
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Wintermute '94
Ms. Barbara E. Wischmeier
Ms. Renee M. Witcher
Mr. and Mrs. A. Calhoun Witham, Jr. '89
Mr. Andrew R. Wivell
Mr. William J. Wivell
Mrs. Dorothy I. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Woodring '77
Mr. J. Donald Woodruff, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Woody
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Worthington, Jr. '52
Ms. Elizabeth G. Worthington
Mr. John D. Worthington, IV '69
The Hon. and Mrs. Frederick C. Wright, III
Mr. Stephen M. Wright '75
Ms. Michelle Wright Turner
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Walter G.B. Wright '62
Drs. John V. and Ann G. Wylie
Mr. Pierre Xacur Elias and Mrs. Alejandra Nevarez Peraza
Mr. Gengxin Xu and Ms. Yan Li
Mr. and Ms. Xiaojun Xu
Ms. Ziqing Xu '25
Mr. Jiaxuan Yan '23
Dr. Zhao Yan and Mrs. Wen Li
Ms. Aoyi Yang '14
Mr. Ge Yang and Ms. Rui Ming
Mr. Yi Yang and Mrs. Qin Zhang
Mr. Yuming Yang '25
Mr. Chen Yao and Ms. Li Xu
Mr. A. Karl Yergey
Mr. Seung Gon Yoo '13
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Young '60
Mrs. Jane Young
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Young, III
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Young, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Zanetti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zantzinger, III '82
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Zawie
Mrs. Veronica L. Zawie
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean Zeiler '63
Mr. Jun Zhan and Mrs. Ying Yan
Dr. Bo Zhang and Mrs. Tingye Liu
Mr. Jingbin Zhang and Mrs. Pingying Zhou
Mr. Wei Zhang and Mrs. Lei Zheng
Mr. Yiduo Zhang '16
Mr. Lian Zhou and Ms. Jie Li
Mr. Wenwei Zhou and Mrs. Jin Fang
Mr. and Mrs. Karl O. Zierfuss '94
Mrs. Patricia E. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Zumbrun
Saint James School