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Pohanka Fine Arts Center
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Like many private schools and colleges, Saint James relies on the steady income from its endowment funds to provide long-term secure funding for its most important needs: competitive salaries for faculty, financial aid for deserving students, and investment in new programs.

The School is currently underfunded relative to its peer and competitor schools, and a larger endowment will allow Saint James to remain competitive in the independent school market. The future is full of challenges and opportunities for Saint James, and a stronger endowment will ensure we have the security to meet them head on!

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Many donors choose to make a gift to the endowment with a planned gift.

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Celebrating 30 Years

The Dunnan Endowment Fund ForFinancial Aid

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of his appointment as Headmaster, the Board of Trustees has created the Dunnan Endowment Fund for Financial Aid to honor Father Dunnan’s legacy of transformational leadership. Full funding of this project would:

  • allow the School to meet more of its generous financial aid budget independent of tuition.
  • provide additional protection from inflation and increase the financial stability of Saint James.
  • demonstrate to current and future supporters that Saint James is committed to enrolling students to pursue its mission of creating leaders for good in the world for generations to come.

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Dunnan Fund as of June

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, fundraising for the Dunnan Fund is at $2.7 million.


How Saint James


We have made a substantial increase in our endowment, which now stands at $35 million. This is impressive, but it is well below the endowments of comparable boarding schools, putting us at a competitive disadvantage in admissions and in faculty recruitment and retention. 

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