175th Preview: Father Dunnan's 25 Years with Saint James
175th Preview: Father Dunnan's 25 Years with Saint James

In 1991, Mr. Charles G. Meehan, Jr. '65 served as headmaster on an interim basis. Then, in the fall of 1992, Saint James celebrated its 150th Anniversary. Father Dunnan began his tenure at Saint James that same year.

During his 25 years at Saint James, Father Dunnan has expanded the School spiritually, academically, and physically by honoring core values and traditions while embracing the modern standards of today's society.

Within his first few years, programs for female students expanded and young women were able to board. Coors Hall opened in 1998, and a second female dorm, Holloway, was constructed in 2000, providing the opportunity for more female students to board at Saint James.

The Owens Library opened its doors. And, the Barbara J. Fulton Building opened in 2007, providing more classrooms. The Kerfoot Refectory opened in 2001 to provide a space for students and faculty to gather around the table for family-style meals.

Father Dunnan raised the necessary funds to convert the Cotton Gym into The Bowman-Byron Fine Arts Center, completing the Sesquicentennial Campaign for Stewardship that was started in the mid-1980's by Trustee A. Smith Bowman. The 264-seat auditorium, completed with a green room, wardrobe, and stagecraft and design room, gave the Mummers' Society a place to call their own when the doors opened on November 13, 1994. With space to grow, the theater program grew exponentially and would "take the stage" among the many time-honored traditions of Saint James.

At the time, Kemp Hall was used for classrooms and housing, and needed repairs and renovations. In 1996, with help from the Detweiler Gift and Bequest, Kemp was renovated into a major hub and study area or students. In 1997, the Laidlaw infirmary would be renovated to meet the needs of the growing campus.

Father Dunnan continues to look to the future, setting his sights on expanding the Fine Arts Program through a new, state of the art Fine Arts Center. He also plans to renovate and expand the School's athletic facilities.

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