A Shameless Appeal to the SJS Community from Mr. Marty Collin
A Shameless Appeal to the SJS Community from Mr. Marty Collin

A Letter to the Saint James School Community

From Mr. Marty Collin

Will you make a donation to the Saint James Annual Fund this year? Please.

I am not that good at beating around the bush and have never been actively involved in the fund-raising arm of this community before; however, I have seen the difference that an active and involved school community can make in a small and wonderful school like Saint James. To me, contributing to the Annual Fund each year is an opportunity to give something back to the Saint James community that has given so much to Sandra and me over the past twenty-seven years. Your support will be appreciated and will help continue to make that difference.

Generosity and the willingness to serve are the hallmarks of this school. We ask it of our new students, we encourage it in our returning students, and we expect it of our upper school students and prefects. I see it in maintenance folks mulching flowerbeds on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and in lights burning in the science labs long after our students have gone to bed. This ethos lends a richness to our community and a spirit and sense of stewardship and ownership in the life of the school. It is wonderful to know that as a community we don't just talk about generosity and a shared vision, but we model and encourage this spirit in our actions as well.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, is important. Student tuition and fees only cover about 75 percent of our school's annual operating budget, and the Annual Fund's impact on the daily life of the school translates into real and tangible benefits and quality improvements for us all. In addition, this healthy Annual Fund has provided us the funding for recent renovations in faculty houses and apartments, summer study grants for faculty enrichment, student scholarship awards, major computer/technology improvements and purchases, and increases in student activities and maintenance budgets.

I know what you are thinking:

Mr. Collin, are you shamelessly and boldly asking us for money to support Saint James School?

And the answer is:

Yes, I am.

Will you make a donation to the Saint James Annual Fund this year?


Don't say no. Think about it.

Best wishes,
Marty Collin
English Department Chair/Theatre Director

Help Us Meet Our Annual Fund Goal & Make a Strong Finish

With $200K remaining to raise for the Annual Fund (by June 30th), we hope you will continue to donate in order to ensure a bright future for our students and faculty. It's easy to give online and we, along with Mr. Collin, invite you to do so today:
Give Now: https://www.stjames.edu/giving/give-now

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