Evanthea Hammer '15 Strives For Innovation In The Mediterranean
Evanthea Hammer '15 Strives For Innovation In The Mediterranean
"My driving force is the Ernest Hemingway quote: "true nobility is being superior to your former self." This idea has guided my actions for several years now and has never failed to disappoint me. To me, it means that every action or deed I contemplate doing must, in some way, help me improve myself. This force has allowed me to parse out which things are worthy of my time, and which are not. I believe that this mantra has made present me a better person than past me, and I sincerely believe that the future me will be an even better person."

This is what Saint James alumna Evanthea "Evie" Hammer '15 told writer Caroline DeSantis when she was asked, "What is your driving force, the vision that guides your thoughts and actions?" for the Italia Innovation Program's "Meet an Innovator" interview.

Hammer, along with 74 other undergraduate and graduate students from around the world was chosen to participate in the Italia Innovation Program this summer. Through this program, Hammer will be able to embrace her Mediterranean heritage while working with mentors and other students. The group will learn from Italian companies and business leaders, while helping to innovate their businesses in this immersive learning experience.

Hammer is currently studying Art History and History for a double major at Georgetown University. Last year, she interned through Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies in Nafplion, Greece. During her time in Greece, she saw first hand the "drive and initiative that the people of Greece exude despite current economic troubles." Through this program, Hammer hopes to build upon that experience and is "very keen to see and compare how these two Mediterranean countries (Greece and Italy) are recovering and braving the economic storm."

With her experience at Georgetown and her various internships, Hammer hopes to use these learning opportunities "to help protect and preserve works of artistic and historical value in the Middle East and the Mediterranean," for future generations to enjoy.

To read Hammer's full interview visit: http://bit.ly/2sZxDIy

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