Welcome to the Class of 1967 & Happy 50th
Welcome to the Class of 1967 & Happy 50th

This weekend, we are honored to welcome members of the Class of 1967 to campus. The class will celebrate its 50th reunion, an occasion marked by the Half-Century Club Reception, which officially kicks-off Alumni Weekend.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to each of the following returning class members. What better way to say welcome home than by sharing excerpts from their very own "Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1967: the gospel according to Gordo!" (Bai Yuka yearbook, 1967)? Read on to learn of the legacies these returning alums left to Saint James School:

Richard Allen: leaves a year late.

Thomas Arms: leaves his cheering voice to Rick Zeamer.

Herb Black: leaves four pounds of cigarette ashes in his room.

H. Cubbage Brown: left his flying colors.

John Carrill: leaves Saint James after the yearbook comes out, rapidly.

Stevenson Close: leaves his acceptance to Cornell unanswered.

John Gaioni: leaves the I.A.C. and the basketball team to Rick Quill.

A. Wright Gibson: leaves the tennis courts under repair.

Mark Gilder: leaves Williams alone at last.

George Hayman: finally leaves the Prefect Council alone.

Gordon Heyworth: leaves his diet to Rick Zeamer.

Christopher Kline: leaves a portion of his scalp on the door sill.

Edward Phillips: would have left Hardman and Belin on worksquad eternally if he could have.

William (Bill) Psillas: will leave a gap in the Hagerstown social circle when he goes to college.

William Russell: left knuckle marks in the cinder blocks.

Albert Wallace: leaves Mr. Thieme stranded on the Upper Fifth Form Hall.

Welcome back to Saint James, and congratulation on your 50th reunion! To view photos from the 1967 Bai Yuka, please visit our photo gallery, here.

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