175th Preview: Saint James Opens Its Doors
175th Preview: Saint James Opens Its Doors

As Saint James prepares to celebrate 175 years next fall, we're previewing moments throughout the School's history each Thursday:

On October 2, 1842, Saint James School was formally dedicated, opening its doors with an enrollment of 14 young men. The former Ringgold home (shown, above) was named Claggett Hall in honor of first Bishop of Maryland.

Just three years later, the State of Maryland would grant a charter for the College of St James School. The School was (and remains) focused on community and education of the whole person—a philosophy credited to the first Headmaster John Barrett Kerfoot and Bishop William Wittingham (founder).

In 1848, Kerfoot began to raise $8,000 to build Kemp Hall. The building was designed to house 65 boys along with class room space and dining hall.

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