Your Gift Matters: Please Give to the Annual Fund
Your Gift Matters: Please Give to the Annual Fund

The beginning of a new month and season, budding with promise and potential, provides the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our benefactors for helping Saint James School to flourish. Your Annual Fund donations enable us to educate our students about the world, while empowering them to become "leaders for good" in that world as they make the transition from students to alumni, and continue their journey into adulthood.

So, during this season of renewal, we offer you gratitude, thanking those who have donated to the School's Annual Fund. We also invite you to continue your tradition of generosity by donating this year.

The 2016-17 Annual Fund goal is $1,200,000, an increase from last year. To make this goal within just a few short months, we need to raise an additional $400,000 by June 30. The contribution of each and every member of the Saint James School community counts, helping to bring this goal within reach. Your gifts have a profound impact on school life, and your contributions play a vital role in supporting the exceptional faculty, staff, and facilities that Saint James School students enjoy today.

Saint James School stands apart from other institutions across the country because of a culture of honor, a rich legacy, and a commitment to tradition. The enduring support that Saint James alumni, parents, Trustees, and friends provide the School through each gift speaks to the culture of generosity and caring that make this community so exceptional. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to Saint James School. We are thankful for your generous support.

If you have made a gift to the Annual Fund during this academic year, we thank you. If you have not yet made a contribution to the 2016-17 Annual Fund, we ask you to help us achieve our goal by giving online today. To make your gift, please follow this link to our website:

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